Pierce County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council
Regular Meeting
3 p.m., Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Room 1045
County-City Building
930 Tacoma Ave. South

Action on Ordinances
Proposal No. 2004-5, amending Ordinance 2001-99S and Section 4.24.015 D. of the Pierce County Code regarding expenditures of the second real estate excise tax for capital park and recreation projects.

Proposal No. 2004-34, adopting amendments to the development regulations to address motorcycle and motor bike tracks when accessory to residential uses, noise attenuating barriers and horse boarding in urban residential zones; amending Pierce County Code Chapters 18A.15, “Definitions,” 18A.25, “Zone Classifications and Use Tables,” and 18A.35, “Development Standards”; adopting a new Section 18J.15.050 of the Pierce County Code, “Noise Attenuating Barriers Standards”; setting an effective date; and adopting findings of fact.

Proposal No. 2004-36, correcting the legal description for the Mid-County Land Use Advisory Commission by amending Section 2.63.040 A. of the Pierce County Code, “Summit-Waller.”

Action on Resolutions
Proposal No. R2004-68s, finding that the proviso included in Ordinance No. 2003-107S relating to the Chambers Creek Golf Course has been satisfied; authorizing further expenditures from the Chambers Creek Golf Course fund consistent with the adopted 2004 budget; establishing a process for considering future expenditures related to the golf course; establishing priorities for public-private partnerships related to the golf course; requesting the Executive to seek financial contributions from the City of University Place and the City of Lakewood for any needed off-site transportation improvements resulting from the development of the Chambers Creek Golf Course; establishing a process for continued reporting to golf course related expenses; and expressing the Pierce County Council’s intent regarding bond funding for the Chambers Creek Golf Course project should it be constructed.

Messages from the Executive
A message from the Executive transmitting the following Ordinances, which were approved and signed on April 23, 2004:

Ordinance No. 2004-7s, changing the name of the Pierce County Personnel Department to Pierce County Human Resources Department; and amending Sections 2.06.010, 2.07.070, 3.04.010, 3.08.020, 3.08.090, 3.08.110, 3.08.120, 3.08.150, 3.12.070, 3.12.110, 3.14.020, 3.14.030, 3.15.030, 3.15.040, 3.16.010, 3.16.080, 3.16, 100, 3.20.010, 3.24.010, 3.32.010, 3.40.030, 3.40.050, 3.44.010, 3.67.010, 3.67.020, 3.67.040, 3.67.090, 3.69.030, 3.69.050, 3.70.070, 3.70.080, 3.70.090, 3.70.100, 3.70.110, 3.72.050, 3.76.060 and 3.80.020 of the Pierce County Code.

Ordinance No. 2004-12s, amending Chapter 19C.10 of the Pierce County Code, procedures for amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, to modify the length of the timeline for Comprehensive Plan Amendment cycles; and adopting findings of fact.

Ordinance No. 2004-16s, amending the Pierce County county-wide planning policies to update the center’s designations of the Urban Growth Area section; creating a new Chapter 19D.240 of the Pierce County Code, which incorporates by reference the Pierce County county-wide planning policies; and adopting findings of fact.

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