"Pierce County News – County Council Agenda Items for the Week of November 29, 1999"

“Pierce County Council Meeting3 p.m., November 30930 Tacoma Avenue South, Room 1045TacomaAction on OrdinancesA proposed ordinance increasing the annual salary of the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney is set for a December 14 Council hearing.MessagesMessages transmitting ordinances granting franchise to Enron Communications, Inc. for a telecommunications system; granting franchise to the Town of Eatonville for location of water lines and sanitary sewer pipelines; granting franchise to Worldcom Network Services, Inc. for a telecommunications system; declaring property known as the Polar Bear Club Property at 1113 & 1115 Broadway Avenue, Tacoma as surplus and authorizing its disposal; authorizing wage adjustments for non-represented employees; amending Sanitary Sewer code and fees; and amending the alarm permit fee and service charges for responding to false alarms.Proclamations, Awards, Appointments to Boards and CommissionsAn award presentation to Val Lindgren of the Human Services Department for being the Grand Prize Kudos Winner.A resolution declaring December 4, 1999 as Victory Music Day in Pierce County is set for final consideration.OrdinancesAn ordinance granting a non-exclusive restricted franchise to Williams Communications, Inc. to construct, maintain and operate a telecommunications system in Pierce County is set for final consideration.ResolutionsA resolution acknowledging receipt of the recommendations of the Conservation Futures Citizens’ Advisory Board; approving a list of projects for Conservation Futures funding; and authorizing the negotiation of the purchase of Conservation Futures properties, is set for final consideration.A resolution adopting administrative guidelines for the Pierce County Council is set for final consideration.A resolution creating the Pierce County Task Force on Criminal Justice to review the criminal justice system in Pierce County; directing the task force to report and make recommendations to the Council and Executive prior to the adoption of the annual budget for 2001; and setting a sunset date of the task force for November 30, 2000, is set for final consideration.Other BusinessMotion to Certify Receipt of Budget Certification and instruct the Clerk of the Council to forward certifications to the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer’s Office.Note:The December 7 Council meeting will be 7 p.m. at the Chris Knutzen Room, University Center, Pacific Lutheran University, Park and Garfield Streets, Parkland.The December 14 Council meeting will be at 7 p.m. at the Arlington Elementary School, 3002 South 72nd, Tacoma.”