Pierce County installs 2 electric vehicle charging stations for public use

Pierce County announced today it has installed electric vehicle charging stations in two locations — the county government’s downtown Tacoma campus and the Public Services Annex. A station at each location is available for public use at a cost of $3 per charge. The county’s electric vehicle charging stations are located in the public pay lot adjacent to the new jail and at the Annex near the LESA Communication tower. The public stations operate by self-serve kiosks, and accept major credit and debit cards. The units are conveniently sited at Pierce County government’s most frequently visited facilities.

In addition to the two charging stations for the public, three other stations have been installed at the County-City Building to support the newest acquisitions to the county’s vehicle fleet: three Nissan Leafs. These electric vehicles are available to county employees to use for work.

All five charging stations were funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The two public stations were funded through the agency’s Petroleum Reduction Program, while the three fleet stations were funded through the agency’s Electric Vehicle Project. Washington state’s Interstate 5 corridor was chosen as an ideal location to deploy regional electric vehicle infrastructure, making it one of the first electric highways in the nation. This will allow electric vehicle owners to travel the Northwest’s major highway systems.

More information is online at http://www.co.pierce.wa.us/pc/abtus/ourorg/facmgmt/construction/ev.htm .

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