Pierce County Crime Stoppers billboards address elder abuse

Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound and the Pierce County Crime Stoppers Program are launching an effort to find those responsible for Crimes Against Seniors. Crime Stoppers, working in partnership with area Law Enforcement Agencies, Seattle University Executive Leadership MBA Program and Clear Channel Advertising, unveiled Monday the first of many billboards launching the Crimes Against Seniors program.

Crime Stoppers solicits anonymous tips through a secure tip line and Web site for information relating to possible abuse, theft, and neglect against the elderly. If the tip is criminal in nature, it will be forwarded to law enforcement. If the tip is not criminal, the tip is sent to the appropriate social/advocacy agency for assistance.

Officials from Crime Stoppers, prosecutors, Attorney General Rob McKenna, local area law enforcement leaders and Seattle University Executive Leadership MBA team attended the official unveiling.

“Crime Stoppers working with law enforcement, citizens and the media will be a valuable tool to combat Crime Against Seniors,” said Ed Hauge, President of Pierce County Crime Stoppers.

“Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound is proud to be joining forces with Pierce County Crime Stoppers to form an alliance against those who would cause harm to our senior citizens and to strengthen our ability to help communities protect those who are often most vulnerable,” said Cynthia Tobias, President of Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound.

“We are proud to support the meaningful work of Crime Stoppers in important campaigns like elder abuse and will continue to champion Crimestoppers important efforts to improve public safety in our communities,” said Olivia Lippens, President of Clear Channel Seattle.
For more information on Crime Stoppers, visit http://www.crimestoppersnow.com .