"Pierce County Council Agenda News for Tuesday, April 4, 2000"

“Pierce County Council Meeting 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 4930 Tacoma Avenue South Room 1045 TacomaOrdinancesA proposed ordinance amending code to codify the 1 percent for the arts funding, to add definitions, and to revise the membership, functions and responsibilities of the Pierce County Arts Commission is set for a Council hearing April 18.A proposed ordinance canceling certain uncollectible personal property taxes is set for referral to the Budget and Operations Committee.A proposed ordinance amending Impact Fee Calculations for Regional Park Impact Fees; clarifying language; amending the fee schedule; clarifying the Council’s intent for use of fee funds; requesting the Comprehensive Park and Recreation Plan recommend changes to levels of service including a component for facilities, for consideration in the capital facilities plan for 2001; and requesting an annual report on use of Regional Park Impact Fees is set for referral to the Planning Committee.A proposed ordinance granting a nonexclusive telecommunications franchise to Metromedia Fiber Network Services, Inc. is set for referral to the Public Works Committee.MessagesMessages transmitting ordinance authorizing approval of Timber Land classification on properties in the Kapowsin and Ashford areas; and authorizing approval of Open Space classification on properties in the Puyallup, Fife and Orting areas.Proclamations, Awards, and/or Appointments to Boards and CommissionsA resolution supporting the campaign for tobacco-free kids and declaring the day of April 5, 2000 as Safe Homes on Hilltop Youth Council’s Kick-Butts Day.OrdinancesAn ordinance vacating a portion of Poe Avenue in the Dash Point area is set for final consideration.ResolutionsA resolution setting the date of an evening meeting in Council District No. 7 for Tuesday, May 2 in the Key Peninsula Civic Center, 17010 South Vaughn Road KPN, Vaughn, is set for final consideration.Note:The May 23 Council meeting will be held in Council District No. 2 at 6:30 p.m. in the Milton City Hall, 1000 Laurel Street, Milton. This meeting will be in lieu of the regular 3:00 p.m. meeting.The May 30 Council meeting will be held in Council District No. 1 at 7:00 p.m. in the Bonney Lake Public Safety Building, 18421 Old Buckley Highway, Bonney Lake. This meeting will be in lieu of the regular 3:00 p.m. meeting.”