Pierce County Assessor: Property tax bills in the mail

The Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer’s office announced today it is mailing 183,810 tax statements for 2010 property taxes to county property owners. The bulk of the statements will be delivered to the post office today, and should begin delivery the following day. If a mortgage company is responsible for paying the property tax, then no statement will be sent to the property owner. Instead, tax notices are sent directly to the mortgage company. Property tax amounts are also available on the Assessor-Treasurer’s Web site at http://www.piercecountywa.org/atr . Searches can be performed by parcel number or address. Property tax statements are mailed only once each year and include separate coupons for first- and second-half taxes due. Property tax installments are due on April 30 and October 31. If you do not have a mortgage company paying your property tax and have not received a statement by March 12, call the customer service hotline at (253) 798-6111 to request a statement.