Phase One of county's pay scale study complete

Phase One of Pierce County’s Employee Classification and Compensation Study turned up a wide range of pay scale differences as compared to other jurisdictions.
“There are several positions above the median and several below,” stated Lyle Quasim, Pierce County Chief of Staff. “Our job now is to combine that information with actual job requirements, activities and other determining factors. Until we do that, we won’t know what adjustments need to be made.”
The salary study was ordered by the Pierce County Council last November to review the county’s classification and compensation system.
Consulting firm CPS Human Resource Services was hired to conduct the study.
Don Seufert, project manager for CPS, briefed the Pierce County Performance Audit Committee on the Phase One results Friday.
The salaries of 53 positions were measured against comparable positions in 12 local jurisdictions.
For some jobs, regional and national comparisons were also made.
“We started with management level positions,” continued Quasim. “Phase Two will involve the remaining unrepresented employees.”
Approximately 1,200 of Pierce County’s 3,200 workforce are non-union members.
Employees with union affiliation will not be included in the salary study. Union salaries are determined through negotiation.
Phase Two of the compensation survey is expected to be completed in 2003.
“It’s been 20 years since our last salary study,” said Pierce County Personnel Director Betsy Sawyers. “We have too many pay grids and outdated classifications. Our advancement structure is also way behind the times. The information we’re getting now will bring us into the 21st Century as far as correctly classifying responsibilities, determining fair compensation and keeping our best and brightest.”
Copies of Phase One of the salary study results are available on the Pierce County Web site at:
For more information contact Matt Temmel, Performance Audit Coordinator, at 798-4927 or Betsy Sawyers, Director of Personnel, at 798-7469.