Passenger trains focus of new Tacoma Historical Society exhibit

The Tacoma Historical Society announced yesterday it is opening a new exhibit entitled “Passenger Trains of Puget Sound, 1900 to 1970.”

The exhibit presents a range of historic photos and memorabilia from the private collection of Jim Fredrickson, a long-time Burlington Northern Railroad dispatcher and telegrapher, now retired. Fredrickson curated the exhibit, which includes a display of the cameras he used to take the vast majority of the exhibit photos.

The Tacoma Historical Society’s Exhibit Center, at 747 Broadway, in downtown Tacoma is open Wednesday through Saturday, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

“This marvelous exhibit brings back a flood of memories from the era when passenger trains were the usual mode of travel to and from all parts of the country,” said Dr. Jim Hoard, the Society’s president. “The memorabilia from the dining cars is, for me, especially captivating.”

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