Online Help for Tuesday Primary

“The State of Washington’s Online Voters Guide to the Presidential Primary, featuring candidate statements and photographs is available at presidential primary uses a balloting system different from the state’s regular primaries and elections. In the presidential primary, voters are required to select the type of ballot they wish to cast – a party ballot, listing only candidates of the Democratic or Republican party, or an unaffiliated ballot listing candidates from both parties. This multiple-ballot system was devised to mesh with nominating procedures used by the national political parties, which have the right to use only those votes cast by people who indicate an affiliation with the party. It is also designed to accommodate Washington state’s unique tradition of independent voting.The results of the February 29 presidential primary will be provided to the state’s major political parties, which hold precinct caucuses on March 7. The caucuses are the starting point for selecting delegates who will ultimately attend the national nominating conventions. It is up to the state’s Democratic and Republican organizations’ parties to determine how to use the primary results in allocating delegates among the candidates. The Secretary of State’s Voter Information Hotline is also available to assist voters with questions about elections and voting. The toll-free hotline number is 1-800-448-4881 (TDD 1-800-422-8683).”