One & Done Workout Reviewed (Meredith Shirk)

Meredith Shirk and her team at Svelte Media have launched a new promotional campaign for the popular One & Done Workout program.

Featuring Meredith’s sprint interval training (SIT) workout techniques, the One & Done Workout teaches you how to activate metabolic multipliers and get the benefits of 45 minutes of exercise with just 7 minutes per day.

Find out everything you need to know about the One & Done Workout and how it works today in our review.

What is the One & Done Workout?

The One & Done Workout is a home workout program created by accomplished personal trainer and fitness influencer Meredith Shirk.

By following the One & Done Workout program, you can discover simple workouts to perform at home to maximize weight loss with minimal impact.

Meredith Shirks’ One & Done Workout relies on sprint interval training (SIT) to give you the benefits of a 45 minute workout in just 7 minutes. Instead of spending hours at the gym or torturing yourself with cardio, you can get powerful benefits with just a few minutes of work per day.

As part of a 2022 promotion for the One & Done Workout, Meredith Shirk and her team are bundling the program with bonus guides, extra training videos, weight loss manuals, and other tools to help you make the most of the program.

How Does the One & Done Workout Work?

The One & Done Workout is a completely “done for you” home workout system that combines sprint interval training (SIT) with conventional workout techniques, helping you make the most of each workout.

Sprint interval training is based on a similar premise to high intensity interval training (HIIT). You exercise at maximum intensity for short bursts, then briefly relax in between bursts.

However, HIIT can be dangerous. It can be high impact and bad for your health – especially if you’re not doing the workouts correctly.

The goal of the One & Done Workout program is to take the benefits of HIIT while condensing them down into faster and safer exercises. That’s how Meredith Shirk developed her popular SIT training system.

One & Done Workout Benefits

The One & Done Workout is backed by the following features and benefits:

  • Discover low-impact, high-reward workouts to unlock your body’s natural metabolic multipliers
  • Get the benefits of a full 45 minutes of exercise with just 7 minutes per day
  • Learn how to use everyday movements to get the lean and toned body you desire
  • Get fit in 7 minutes per day while avoiding the high-impact exercises of conventional HIIT workouts
  • Lose weight, achieve your fitness goals, build muscle, and more

Whether you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight, targeting the last few inches of belly fat, or simply wanting to get into better shape, the One & Done Workout aims to be the last workout you ever need. It’s also designed for people of all ages – from young adults to older adults and everyone in between.

Downsides of HIIT

The One & Done Workout focuses on sprint interval training (SIT), which is different from high intensity interval training (HIIT).

What’s the difference between SIT and HIIT? Why is the One & Done Workout a better choice? Here are some of the downsides of HIIT, according to certified personal trainer Meredith Shirk:

  • Normal, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are jarring and damaging to the body
  • They’re high-impact workouts that might work short-term but do serious damage to your body long-term
  • Many people who do HIIT workouts develop medial tibial stress syndrome, also known as shin splints
  • Common in runners, soccer players, basketball players, and others who engage in strenuous activity, shin splints can cause serious pain and damage throughout your lower legs

With Meredith Shirk’s SIT, you get the benefits of high intensity workouts without the downsides. Meredith Shirk uses a similar training philosophy based on intense short-term bursts of cardio – but without the high-impact exercises found in conventional HIIT workouts.

What Will You Learn in the One & Done Workout?

Your purchase of the One & Done Workout comes with simple, at-home exercises you can perform in just a few minutes per day.

Meredith Shirk developed these training programs because she knew the average person wasn’t able to spend over a dozen hours a week at the gym. People of all ages needed an efficient, safe, and effective workout they could perform at home with just a few minutes per day – and the One & Done Workout was the result.

After buying the One & Done Workout online, you get immediate access to the One & Done Workout Manual along with the One & Done Workout online dashboard:

The One & Done Workout Manual is a PDF guide explaining Meredith’s SIT workout strategies, her unique training philosophy, and the movements you can perform at home today to maximize your training program

The One & Done Workout online platform features immediate access to HD videos featuring different SIT training sessions, including warmups, cool-downs, and workouts designed for speed, agility, and other targeted benefits

With a one-time online fee, you get instant access to everything you need to complete the One & Done Workout program.

The One & Done Workout is a 14-day program you can repeat over and over again. Some people continue to cycle through the 14 day program, while others choose the workouts they like most.

The One & Done Workout is Now Available Entirely Online

You can now access the One & Done Workout program entirely online from the new online platform. You get instant access to that platform after you pay the one-time purchase price. The platform includes access to HD videos featuring all popular One & Done Workout videos and training sessions.

You can access the online platform from anywhere and from any device. If you’re traveling and want a quick hotel workout, for example, then you can log into the One & Done Workout platform from anywhere and pick the workout that you need.

The One & Done Workout’s online lessons include the same popular training sessions in the original One & Done Workout system. You get warmups and cooldowns along with workouts for specific targeted goals – like burst, blast, acceleration, power, weight loss, or speed.

Each 7 Minute Workout Features Just 1 Minute of Real Exertion

Meredith Shirk’s sprint interval training (SIT) workout system relies on short bursts of intensity to deliver targeted weight loss, fat burning, and strength training goals.

Each workout lasts just 7 minutes and includes only 1 minute of exertion. You spend 1 total minute exerting yourself at a high intensity, and then you spend the other 6 minutes relaxing.

Once you’ve completed each 7 minute training session, you’ll feel like you’ve completed a whole workout. Because of the way SIT works, you get all of the benefits of a 45 minute exercise session condensed into one easy workout per day.

Because of these benefits, the One & Done Workout is popular with those who want to avoid spending hours at the gym – or anyone who wants to maximize their daily effort and energy with brief, high-intensity workouts.

One & Done Workout Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Customers are generally happy with the One & Done Workout and how it works, with many customers claiming to have achieved meaningful weight loss results with the program.

Here are some of the reviews shared on the official website:

Multiple customers have achieved significant weight loss with the One & Done Workout, claiming they rapidly reached their target weight goals with just a few minutes of exercise per day

Other customers praise the One & Done Workout for being easy to follow and easy to customize, which makes it ideal for people with all levels of exercise experience – including zero exercise experience

Many customers are surprised by how powerful just a few minutes of exercise per day can be on their overall stamina, energy, and metabolism, claiming they feel rejuvenated after their daily One & Done Workout program

Customers are satisfied with the price they paid, the value they received, and their overall access to the program online ,among other perks

Some customers report losing as much as 1lb per day with the One & Done Workout program

Meredith and her team are careful to explain that weight loss results vary widely between users, and that results will vary based on how closely you follow the program along with individual biological factors. However, some have lost significant weight in a short period with the One & Done Workout.

What’s Included with the One & Done Workout?

As part of a 2022 promotion, Meredith Shirk and the Svelte Media team are bundling a range of bonus guides with all purchases of the One & Done Workout. Your purchase includes the core One & Done Workout program along with extra diet guides, keto diet strategies, and more.

Here’s what you get when you buy the One & Done Workout online today:

One & Done Workout Program: You get immediate access to the One & Done Workout Manual, a PDF guide introducing the program, and the online One & Done Workout platform, which features HD training videos and other information. The core of the One & Done Workout program features at-home exercises based on Meredith’s sprint interval training (SIT) strategy, which is like HIIT but designed with safer and more effective exercises. By following the One & Done Workout program, you could lose weight, achieve your fitness goals, and enjoy other benefits – all from the comfort of home with just 7 minutes of exercise per day. In addition to videos and guides, you get the One and Done Workout Manual: All You Need Is One Minute, an extra manual explaining everything you need to know about Meredith’s SIT philosophy.

Bonus #1: 10 Day Keto Reset: All One & Done Workout purchases come with a 10-day keto diet guide created by Meredith Shirk. That diet guide gives you 2 weeks of keto-friendly meal plans, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. You also get shopping lists, recipes, and more. This diet is designed specifically to work with the One & Done Workout, giving you the recipes you need to boost your metabolism.

Bonus #2: Lean Belly Now: 100 Belly Melting Green Smoothies: This guide features 100 of the best fat-melting green smoothie recipes you can make at home today to melt away belly fat. These smoothies are packed with vitamins, minerals, plant-based nutrients, and other compounds to accelerate weight loss.

Bonus #3: Ultimate Red Detox Smoothies: This guide features dozens of red smoothie recipes that can reduce inflammation, boost energy, tighten your tummy, and support other benefits. The goal of these smoothies is to take your juice cleanse to the next level while detoxifying your body and providing it with valuable phytonutrients.

One & Done Workout Pricing

The One & Done Workout is priced at a one-time fee of $29. You get immediate access to the program, all bonus guides, and the One & Done Workout online platform after your purchase is complete

Here’s how pricing works when ordering online today:

One & Done Workout: $29

You can add the Fat Loss Accelerator to your order for an extra $12. It’s a guide featuring additional weight loss tips, fat burning exercises, and guides to help you reach your target weight.

One & Done Workout Refund Policy

All One & Done Workout purchases are backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days with no questions asked if you’re unhappy for any reason.

About Meredith Shirk

The One & Done Workout was created by Meredith Shirk, CPT, FNS, WLS, BCS. Meredith is a certified personal trainer and weight loss and fitness nutrition specialist. Over the last few years, Meredith has launched a growing number of products through her Svelte Training / Svelte Media brand, including the One & Done Workout.

In addition to the One & Done Workout, Meredith is known for the Svelte Life Series (a monthly membership program helping to incorporate SIT training into your everyday life), MetaBoost (a workout program for women in their 40s to help boost metabolism), and weight loss supplements like TamaSlim, MegaGreens, and VitalYouth.

You can contact the One & Done Workout customer service team via the following:

  • Online Form: https://sveltetraining.com/contact
  • Phone: (317) 662-2322
  • Email: support@sveltetraining.com
  • Mailing Address: 499 Evernia Street, Apt 303, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Final Word

Meredith Shirk has launched a new online platform for the One & Done Workout. For a single one-time fee of $29, you get lifetime access to the One & Done Workout and the 14-day training program, including HD videos and step-by-step guides to perform each sprint interval training (SIT) workout at home.

Meredith Shirk’s SIT training philosophy involves doing a 7 minute session once per day. That 7 minute session consists of just 1 minute of total exertion. By exercising at maximum intensity and taking a break between workouts, you can maximize weight loss, cardio benefits, and more.

To learn more about the One & Done Workout and how it works or to buy complete access to the program online today, visit the official website.