Northwest ports earn environmental award for clean air strategy

The ports of Tacoma, Seattle and Metro Vancouver, B.C., will be honored this week with the Environmental Achievement Award from the Pacific Northwest International Section of the Air and Waste Management Association.

The association’s award recognizes the Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy for innovative techniques that reduce or prevent air pollution or waste. The Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy is the first and only three-port and international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas and diesel emissions from maritime operations. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Environment Canada, the Washington Department of Ecology and the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency have partnered with the ports in this effort.

Since adopting the goals in 2008, the ports have shown significant progress in producing cleaner air for the communities that surround their harbors. By the strategy’s first milestone in 2010, 44 percent of ships calling frequently used cleaner-burning fuels or electrical shore power at berth; 62 percent of diesel-powered cargo-handling equipment met the performance measure through retrofits, replacements or use of low-sulfur fuels; and 98 percent of drayage trucks met the measure through outreach, engine retrofits or incentive programs.

The award will be given during the association’s annual conference Nov. 8 through 11 in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.

The Pacific Northwest International Section of the Air and Waste Management Association provides programs and activities by environmental professionals for environmental professionals from industry, government and the consulting, research, academic and legal communities in the United States, Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Read more about the association online at .