No dream home, but Broadway Center raffle winner $25K richer

Five lucky arts supporters are the latest to win the top prizes in the final drawing of the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts “Tacoma Live Large Raffle” on June 26.

A grand prize of $25,000 was awarded to Sandra Kennewick of Bellevue. Other winners included Carol Simatic of Tacoma ($7,500); Sue Larson of Dupont ($5,000 or 10-day cruise); Lindsay Helser of Tacoma ($1,500 or 7 nights in Bali); and Terry Sax of Buckley ($1,000). Awarded earlier this year, $10,000 to Michelle Murray of Kirkland and $10,000 to Elizabeth Mason of Tacoma in two separate Early Bird Drawings.

“On Saturday, we successfully concluded our, ‘Live Large Raffle,’ making it an even brighter year for seven happy winners who will enjoy the combined $60,000 prize pool,” said Executive Director David Fischer.

The Broadway Center launched the “Tacoma Live Large Raffle” on New Year’s Eve 2009 as the first-of-its-kind fundraising effort in Washington state. Raffle tickets sold for $99 and included $350 in value savings towards hotel nights, jewelry, wine, art, theater tickets and membership. The raffle resulted in 2,894 tickets sold, falling short of the trigger to “vest” the “dream home” prize at 17,000 tickets sold. The dream home was a condominium at 505 Broadway.

“Organizationally, we were pleased with the outcome in that we achieved five of our six goals associated with the raffle project: expand the brand awareness of the Broadway Center; deepen the raffle customer base by incentivizing ticket buyers with coupons for performance tickets and membership; promote local restaurants and retail businesses by incentivizing ticket buyers with discount coupons; promote local businesses who sponsor the raffle by offering collateral marketing services in exchange for their in-kind contribution in the form of price reductions for prizes; and promote Tacoma and its many attractions such as its theaters, museums and parks,” said Fischer. “The goal we did not achieve, was to establish a special board designated reserve fund. Since we did not budget making a dime from this project, it’s financial outcome is neutral to the Broadway Center.”

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