No. 16-2-09903-9 SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR PIERCE COUNTY BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., a national bank, Plaintiff, vs. RAINIER MORTGAGE COMPANY, an inactive Washington corporation, Defendant. The State of Washington to the said Defendant, Rainier Mortgage Company: You are hereby summoned to appear within sixty days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to wit, within sixty days after the 3rd day of October, 2016, and defend the above entitled action in the above entitled court, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorneys for plaintiff BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., at the office below stated; and in case of your failure so to do, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint, which has been filed with the clerk of said court. BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. is the current holder and owner of an obligation secured by a deed of trust naming Beverly D. Blake, as grantor and Rainier Mortgage Company as beneficiary that encumbers certain real property located in Pierce County, Washington, commonly known as 3515 E. "I" Street, Tacoma, Washington (the "Real Property"). The tax parcel number for the Real Property is 208632-001-0. The obligation secured by the deed of trust has been paid in full. BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. however, is unable to reconvey the deed of trust due to a break in the recorded beneficial ownership of the deed of trust. The Complaint seeks no monetary judgment but requests the Court to enter judgment declaring BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. as the beneficiary of the deed of trust and that the deed of trust no longer encumbers the Real Property and other relief as deemed proper by the Court. Plaintiff's Attorneys: Witherspoon Kelley Attn: Shelley N. Ripley 422 W. Riverside, Suite 1100 Spokane, Spokane County, Washington 99201 (509) 624-5265 (509) 458-2728 facsimile Dated: September 29, 2016 By: Shelley N. Ripley, WSBA No. 28901 422 W. Riverside Avenue, Suite 1100 Spokane, WA 99201 Telephone: (509) 624-5265 Fax: (509) 458-2728 E-mail: Attorneys for Plaintiff IDX-724626 October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, November 7