NO. 15-2-11505-2 ORDER OF SALE IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF PIERCE CHRISTIANA TRUST, A DIVISION OF WILMINGTON SAVINGS FUND SOCIETY, FSB, NOT IN ITS INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY BUT AS TRUSTEE OF ARLP TRUST 3, Plaintiff(s), vs. NATHAN J. MCALLISTER; ET AL., Defendant(s). TO: NATHAN J. MCALLISTER, Judgment Debtor: An ORDER OF SALE has been issued in the above captioned case, directed to the Sheriff of Pierce County, commanding the sheriff as follows: THE STATE OF WASHINGTON TO THE SHERIFF OF PIERCE COUNTY GREETINGS: WHEREAS, in the above-entitled court on June 21, 2016, Plaintiff, secured a judgment against defendants NATHAN J. MCALLISTER, in the total judgment amount of $339,496.86, together with interest at a rate of $34.8563 per diem from the date of judgment and continuing thereafter until the date of sale. WHEREAS, 115 days elapsed from February 20, 2016 through the entry of judgment on June 14, 2016. Per diem interest in the amount of $8563, multiplied by 115 days results in additional interest in the amount of $4,008.47, which when added to the sum of $339,496.86 results in a total judgment amount of $343,505.33 WHEREAS, the judgment is a foreclosure against parties of a Deed of Trust Mortgage on real estate in Pierce County, Washington, described as follows: LOT 10, VALLEY BROOK, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT THEREOF RECORDED FEBRUARY 28, 2002 UNDER RECORDING NUMBER 200202285003, RECORDS OF PIERCE COUNTY AUDITOR. SITUATE IN THE COUNTY OF PIERCE, STATE OF WASHINGTON. Tax Parcel No. 5002880100 WHEREAS, on June 21, 2016, the Court ordered that all of the above-described property be sold and the proceeds applied to the payment of principal, interest, attorney fees, costs and disbursements and other recovery amounts with interest to date of the sale of the property. NOW, THEREFORE, in the name of the STATE OF WASHINGTON you are hereby commanded to proceed to seize and sell forthwith and without appraisement, the property above-described, in the manner provided by law, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy the judgment amount plus interest to the date of sale of the property. The redemption period is eight (8) months. The Sheriff's notice of sale shall be published in the Tacoma Daily Index. DATED this 29th day of June, 2016. FRANK E. CUTHBERTSON, JUDGE OF THE SAID COURT, AND THE SEAL THEREOF KEVIN STOCK COUNTY CLERK BY: Brian Rupe, Deputy Clerk Judgment Number: 16-9-05040-0 The sale date has been set for November 28, 2016. YOU MAY HAVE A RIGHT TO EXEMPT PROPERTY from the sale under statutes of this state, including sections 6.13.010, 6.13.030, 6.13.040, 6.15.010, and 6.15.060 of the Revised Code of Washington, in the manner described in those statutes. THIS ORDER MAY BE EXTENDED FOR UP TO 30 DAYS FOR THE PURPOSES OF THE SALE ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF: ROBINSON TAIT, P.S. KIMBERLY HOOD, ATTORNEY 710 SECOND AVE., STE 710 SEATTLE, WA. 98104 (206)676-9640 IDX-727092 October 19, 26, November 2, 9, 16, 23