NO. 14-5-00398-2 SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION OF PETITION RE: RELINQUISHMENT OF PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIP SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON, COUNTY OF PIERCE IN THE ADOPTION OF: YAN GENNADIYOVYCH TRYBRAT A Minor. State of Washington to: Gennadiy Ivanovych Trybrat or John Doe YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED TO APPEAR within 25 days after the date of first publication of this Summons on September 18, 2014, and defend this action in the above entitled Court, and answer the Petition, by serving a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorney for the Petitioners, at the office below stated; if you fail to do so, judgment may be rendered against you according to the request of the Petition which has been filed with the Clerk of said Court. YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that there has been filed in this Court a Petition praying that the parent-child relationship between the natural father of the above named child and the above named child be terminated. The object of this action is to seek an order relinquishing the child to the Petitioners for adoption and to terminate the parentchild relationship. YOUR FAILURE TO APPEAR MAY RESULT IN A DEFAULT ORDER PERMANENTLY TERMINATING ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS TO THE ABOVENAMED CHILD. You are further notified that any nonconsenting parent or alleged father has a right to be represented by an attorney, and an attorney will be appointed for an indigent parent who requests an attorney. You are notified that your failure to respond to the Petition within 25 days of the first publication of this Notice is grounds to terminate your parent-child relationship with the above named child. One method of filing your response and serving a copy on the Petitioners is to send a copy to the address of their attorney listed below by certified mail, return receipt requested. Dated: August 28, 2014. /s/E. ALLEN WALKER, WSB #19621 Attorney for Petitioners 2607 Bridgeport Wy W, 2C Tacoma, WA 98466 September 18, 25, October 2