NO. 14-5-00209-1 SUMMONS AND NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR TERMINATION OF PARENT AND CHILD RELATIONSHIP (Clerk's Action Required) IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR SNOHOMISH COUNTY IN RE THE ADOPTION OF INFANT MAGEE TO: DRAKKAR WILSON, alleged natural father, and any other individual who may claim a paternal interest in the above named child. YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED AND NOTIFIED that a hearing on a Petition for the Termination of Parent and Child Relationship will be heard on September 24, 2014, at 9:00 a.m., or at such date or time thereafter as the Court may direct, in the Snohomish County Courthouse, 3000 Rockefeller Avenue, Everett, Washington 98201, in the courtroom assigned by the Court Administrator for the Family Law Motions Calendar, wherein Daiz'Ja E. Magee, mother of Infant Magee, a minor, states that you are or may be the father of said child. Ms. Magee has consented to the adoption of said child who is expected to be born on or about August 15, 2015, in Tacoma, Washington. The child is believed to have been conceived sometime during the middle to latter part of November 2013, in the Tacoma, Washington area. As the alleged natural father of said child, you have the right to file a claim of paternity under RCW 26.26 and to seek custody of the child, to support the child, and to seek to establish a parent and child relationship. You have the right to be represented by counsel in that proceeding and counsel will be appointed for an indigent person who requests counsel. Your failure to appear at the hearing referred to above or to respond to this Notice or the Termination Petition or file a claim of paternity within 30 days of the first date of the publication of this Notice, will result in the termination of your parent and child relationship with respect to the child by default. One method of responding to this Notice or the Termination Petition is to send your response to the Clerk of the Court and to the attorney for petitioners at the addresses listed below by certified mail with return receipt requested. You are further notified that if the child is a member of or eligible for membership in an Indian Tribe or Alaskan Native Village and if you acknowledge paternity of the child or if your paternity of the child is established prior to the termination of your parentchild relationship, your parental rights may not be terminated unless you give valid consent to termination, or your parent-child relationship is terminated involuntarily pursuant to Chapter 26.33 or 13.34 RCW. DATED this 20 th day of August, 2014. LAW OFFICES OF MARK M. DEMARAY, INC., P.S. /S/ Mark M Demaray By: Mark M. Demaray, WSBA No. 11800 Attorneys for Petitioners File original of your response with the clerk of the court at: CLERK SNOHOMISH COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT 3000 ROCKEFELLER AVENUE EVERETT, WASHINGTON 98201 Serve a copy of your response on: MARK M. DEMARAY LAW OFFICES OF MARK M. DEMARAY, INC., P.S. 145 3RD AVENUE SOUTH, STE. 201 EDMONDS, WASHINGTON 98020 (425) 771-6453 August 22, 29, September 5