NO. 14-2-11000-1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF RECEIVERSHIP IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF PIERCE PRIME PACIFIC BANK, N.A., a Chartered National Association Bank, Plaintiff, v. ONKAR CORPORATION, a Washington corporation; KIRANDEEP K. SANDHU; GURPINDER KAUR; MANMOHAN S. SINGH and SORJIT KAUR, husband and wife; and AMRIK SINGH and HARWINDER KAUR, husband and wife, Defendants. TO: Creditors and other parties in interest PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to the Order Appointing General Receiver Over Real Property and Assets Related to the Real Property with Power of Sale ("Order") entered by this Court on August 28, 2014, McCallen & Sons, Inc. has been appointed General Receiver ("Receiver") of Onkar Corporation ("Onkar") and is charged with the preservation, protection, operation and management of its assets. The Bridgeport Deli Mart is the primary asset of Onkar Corporation and is located at 10712 Bridgeport Way SW, Lakewood, Washington 98499, including real property, improvements, fixtures, and personal property located thereon (collectively, the "Collateral Property"). Pursuant to the Order, the Receiver has assumed exclusive possession and control of the assets of Onkar, is managing the same and preparing for orderly liquidation. Please note that the entry of the Order operates as an automatic stay of proceedings and actions against Onkar pursuant to RCW 7.06.110. During the receivership, and until further Court order, Onkar shall remain under this Court's exclusive jurisdiction, and the Receiver's control. The contact information for the Receiver and its attorneys is listed at the end of this document; correspondence to the Receiver may be sent to the Receiver's attorneys. Claims. The Receiver currently is not able to predict whether any particular class of creditors can expect to receive payment on claims for pre-receivership debts owed to them. Nonetheless, all persons and businesses who believe they are owed money by Onkar on account of any goods, services or credit provided to Onkar before August 28, 2014, or who claim to have any other obligation enforceable against Onkar on account of any transaction occurring before that date, must complete the Proof of Claim Form provided in order to share in any distribution of assets to members of the claimant's class of creditors. Creditors who fail to timely file a claim will not share in any distributions, should any funds become available for such distribution. The Proof of Claim Form must be returned to the Receiver's counsel at the address listed below no later than thirty days from the date of this notice, or October 6, 2014, whichever is later.1 The bar date for state agencies or taxing authorities is March 4, 2014. The form must not be filed with the Court. Request for Special Notice. Pursuant to RCW 7.60.190(2), any person or business interested in the receivership as a party or creditor may serve upon the undersigned and file with the clerk of the Pierce County Superior Court a written notice of appearance stating that he/she/it desires special notice of any and all proceedings in the administration of the receivership. (Note: if you fail to enter an appearance, you will not receive notice of routine matters in the receivership.) Dated this 3rd day of September, 2014. Daniel J. Bugbee, WSBA #42412 Garvey Schubert Barer Attorneys for McCallen & Sons, Inc. 1191 Second Avenue, Suite 1800 Seattle, Washington 98101 Email: Receiver: McCallen & Sons, Inc. Attn: Dan Fallon 9133 112th Ave. NE Kirkland WA 98033 Phone: 425-822-9752 FAX: 425-822-9756 1 Exception: a claim arising from the rejection of an executory contract or an unexpired lease of the entity over whose property the Receiver is appointed must be filed within thirty days after the rejection. September 8, 15, 22