NO. 12-4-01109-8 NOTICE OF SALE IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR THE COUNTY OF PIERCE In the Matter of the Guardianship of: MADALINE K. BALKWILL, An Incapacitated Person. Pursuant to RCW 11.92.115, notice is hereby given that the Guardian, Joyce M. Richards, intends to request a court order confirming the sale of certain real property located at 1503 Starling Street, Steilacoom, Washington 98388, and legally described as: Lot 8, Block 43, Balch's Steilacoom, according to Plat thereof, recorded in Volume 1 of Plats, Page 3, records of Pierce County, Washington; together with 3 feet of Pierce Street, vacated by Ordinance No. 379 of the Town of Steilacoom and recorded under Auditor's No. 2261367 Tax Parcel No. 2305001820 situate in Pierce County, Washington. The selling price of this property is $319,000.00. This sale may be confirmed by the court any time after May 14, 2013, which is at least ten days following the date of publication of this notice. DATED this 2nd day of May 2013. LUCE KENNEY & ASSOCIATES, P.S. /s/ Thomas R. Taylor Thomas R. Taylor, WSBA No. 29878 of Attorneys for Guardian LUCE, KENNEY & ASSOCIATES, P.S. 4505 Pacific Highway East, Suite A Tacoma, WA 98424-2638 Tacoma: (253) 922-8724 May 3