New Tacoma Goodwill Outlet Store open for business

Offering bargain hunters a new way to shop – by the pound – Tacoma Goodwill last Thursday opened a new outlet store at the organization’s main building at 714 South 27th St.

Merchandise in the store is separated into items that are unsorted, store overstocks and “as is” bargains.

All clothing and linens, as well as hard goods, are sold at $1.29/lb.

Books sell for 50 cents for hardback, 25 cents for paperback.

Furniture and large items are ticketed at drastically reduced prices.

Not only do shoppers at the Goodwill Outlet Store benefit from large discounts in price, but they also enjoy a unique atmosphere, as stock in the store is turned over completely two-to-three times a day, so there is always something new to fin.

The outlet store is a welcome addition to the commercial area, as the concept of selling items “by the pound” is a proven system for Goodwills around the country.

Goods that have not sold in the retail stores within three-to-six weeks are now offered for sale in the outlet store.

The store offers shoppers on limited incomes a special opportunity, and provides additional income to support Goodwill’s programs for the disabled and disadvantaged.

Goodwill is one of the country’s largest recyclers. And while best known for its retail stores, Goodwill is a non-profit organization and one of the world’s largest providers of employment services.

Revenues from Goodwill stores fund education and training services for the disabled and disadvantaged worldwide.

This year Tacoma Goodwill celebrated its 80th anniversary.

It is listed as the 13th largest out of 181 Goodwill organizations in the country, with retail sales ranking third in the nation.

Tacoma Goodwill is Pierce County’s 24th largest employer.

Of its approximately 875 employees, 51 percent are either disabled or disadvantaged.