New LRI Solid Waste Disposal Facility Opens

“Land Recovery, Inc. has announced that after 13 years of planning, permitting and construction, their new solid waste disposal facility located near South 304th and Meridian Avenue is now open.LRI’s facility was designed by Emcon, an engineering firm specializing in landfill design and construction. LRI calls the facility one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally safe landfills ever built. Safeguards built into the facility include multiple liners, leachate collection and leak collection and detection systems, horizontal and vertical gas wells, gas probes and monitoring wells. These features combine with unique natural groundwater protection at the site, according to LRI, that includes low permeability glacial till and an underlying pressurized aquifer, to protect the aquifer.To assist with traffic congestion near the site, LRI constructed a left turn lane and a northbound acceleration lane.Individuals will continue to haul their solid waste to the Hidden Valley Landfill Transfer Station. LRI has built several major solid waste facilities in response to Pierce County’s comprehensive solid waste management plan.LRI operates a recycling facility, a compost facility at Purdy, the Hidden Valley Landfill, and the new 304th Street Landfill.”