New booklet helps citizens prepare for disasters

Windstorms, floods, earthquakes. The question isn’t if, but when. The new Pierce County Disaster Preparedness Guide helps citizens prepare for such events.
The guide covers how to assemble a disaster kit, make a family communication plan and care for people with special needs. Copies of the guide were mailed this month to 18,000 Pierce County floodplain and shoreline residents. It is available online at .
To open, scroll down and open Flood Preparedness Information and then mouse click on the Disaster Preparedness Guide, which was produced by the Public Works and Utilities Water Programs Division in cooperation with the Department of Emergency Management. It is useful for almost any kind of natural disaster. “Keeping Pierce County a safe place to live is one of our primary missions,” said Public Works and Utilities Director Brian Ziegler. “We want people to stay safe during emergencies, so we can focus on clearing roads, repairing damage and restoring services. The new guide provides details people can use to get ready.”
Emergency Management Director Steve Bailey said personal preparedness is the key to surviving disaster. “In order to be prepared, people need to understand potential hazards in their communities and know how to prepare and respond. This guide is part of Pierce County’s on-going effort to educate our citizens so they can be ready before a disaster strikes,” he said.
In the past the county recommended storing a three-day food supply for emergencies, but now the recommendation is seven days. According to the guide, County residents should be prepared to be self-sufficient for a week during a disaster or emergency.