Neighborhoods host collaborative cleanup May 1

The Pac-Yak, Spooner’s Tract, Hillsdale, Larchmont and Fern Hill neighborhoods and the City of Tacoma will host a neighborhood cleanup on May 1 from 10 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. The cleanup is specifically for those who live between South 64th to South 96th streets between Sheridan and McKinley avenues and for those who live between South 84th and 96th streets between Interstate-5 and Sheridan Avenue.

Homeowners and renters in single-family and duplex residences in this area are encouraged to remove junk and beautify their property on May 1 as part of the collaborative neighborhood cleaning.

Volunteers and staff from the City will accept items for disposal at St. Ann’s Catholic Church, 7001 S. Park Ave., and at Ehli Auctions, 9415 Pacific Ave. All that is required to dump is a proof of residence in the neighborhood such as a driver’s license or current utility bill.

Items that can’t be dumped include material from a business; cars, motorcycles, campers or boat parts; truck canopies, trailers, boats or recreational vehicles; daily household garbage; hazardous waste; riding mowers; and animal carcasses.

A massive cleanup requires the work of many. if you are interested in volunteering call Kathy Martin at (253) 273-1945. For more information about the neighborhood or the cleanup, visit .