Narrows Bridge televised at peak hours

“Anyone who commutes across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge–whether to deliver goods or for employment–knows how frustrating it is to travel along SR 16 at a good clip only to be slowed down to a crawl as the east or west approach to the bridge is reached.Beginning Nov. 1, anyone who travels the bridge and wants to know how traffic is doing during the peak hours can just tune in to a television channel to find out.On that date, TV Tacoma will cablecast views from the Washington State Depart-ment of Transportation (DOT) cameras during peak commuting hours, 6 to 8 a.m., Monday through Friday; and 5 to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Friday.The live cameras will also show for three minutes at the top and bottom of very hour on CityPost, AT&T channel 77, and Click! Network channel 85. The station will carry signcams from four cameras, alternating every seven seconds between shots.The cameras focus on the west side of the Narrows Bridge, east side of the Narrows Bridge, SR 16 at Pearl Street and SR 16 at Center Street.DOT plans to add five more traffic cameras along I-5 in Tacoma over the next six months.TV Tacoma and CityPost will begin carrying those cameras as soon as installation is completed.The State Department of Transportation and the Tacoma Fire Department installed the cameras to monitor traffic flows and provide efficient emergency response for accidents. “