My Two Cents: Column o' questions

It’s a supposed Chinese curse that says may you live in interesting times, and these are definitely interesting times. Recent events locally, nationally and internationally raise a host of questions – some serious, some not so serious – in this writer’s mind. Ponder these:

– How is it that in the span of three weeks Assistant Police Chief Catherine Woodard went from being capable of running the Tacoma Police Department to being disabled? Do alleged incompetence and misconduct now qualify as a disability?

– Why did it take so long for Gov. Gary Locke to intervene in the Marysville teachers strike?

– In light of such a pleasant summer, what is that moisture that falls from the sky called? Also, is it a bad sign when you see pairs of animals headed toward a giant wooden ark?

– Is California Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger leading a charmed life or what?

– Will Schwarzenegger’s victory inspire other Hollywood stars on the other side of the political fence – liberal, Democrat – to run for public office?

– When President Bush called Schwarzenegger to congratulate him on his gubernatorial victory, which one of them mangled the English language more?

– How long will it be before California Democrats challenge the election results in court or attempt another recall?

– Isn’t Democratic presidential candidate Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich a strange little man with even stranger ideas?

– Can the white tiger that attacked Roy Horn of the flamboyant Siegfried & Roy magic act be charged with a hate crime?

– What would possess Antoine Yates to think it’s okay to keep a 400-pound tiger and an alligator in his fifth-floor Harlem apartment?

– If the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Redsox end up playing each other in the World Series, does that mean the end of the world is near?

– How ’bout them Seahawks (off to their best start since way back in 1986)?

– Didn’t it make your skin crawl to see French President Jacque Chirac kissing First Lady Laura Bush’s hand during her recent trip to that obstructionist, surrender-prone nation?

“My Two Cents” is a weekly column where the author – who has never been able to accept “Just because” as an answer to any question – gets in his two cents worth in spite of the old saying that states you only get a penny for your thoughts.