Morning Fat Melter Reviewed

Morning Fat Melter is an all-in-one weight loss program featuring a supplement, workout videos, health and wellness guides, and more.

When you buy Morning Fat Melter online today, you get everything you need to rapidly lose weight in a short period of time. Just take the Morning Fat Melter supplement, follow the Morning Fat Melter program, and lose significant weight within weeks.

Keep reading to find out if Morning Fat Melter lives up to the hype today in our review.

What is Morning Fat Melter?

Morning Fat Melter is a weight loss program sold exclusively online through GoMorningFatMelter.com.

According to the official website, Morning Fat Melter can help anyone lose significant weight in a short period of time.

One woman used Morning Fat Melter to lose 72lbs and drop to a size 10 in just 4 months, for example. Thousands of women have lost 40lbs or more within weeks of using the formula, and many women lose around 13lbs per month with Morning Fat Melter.

Plus, Morning Fat Melter claims to help you lose weight without doing workouts longer than 15 minutes – and without ever being hungry.

You don’t need to spend hours at the gym, nor do you need to follow a strict diet program. Instead, you can rapidly lose weight using proven health and wellness strategies – and the proven ingredients in the Morning Fat Melter supplement.

How Does Morning Fat Melter Work?

Morning Fat Melter claims to help women of all ages, body types, and states of health lose weight by balancing the body’s natural functions.

To do that, Morning Fat Melter includes:

  • A weight loss supplement (take two pills daily to lose weight)
  • Home workout videos (do one 15-minute workout video per day)
  • Nutrition guides and recipe plans (make specific meals and add specific foods to enhance results)
  • Other guides, tools, worksheets, schedules, and more (to maximize weight loss effects)

Some weight loss programs are marketed specifically towards younger or older women. Others are marketed to people who want to lose weight without dieting or exercising. With Morning Fat Melter you can lose weight using proven weight loss strategies, dropping significant fat in a short period of time while boosting energy and feeling healthier than ever

Morning Fat Melter is designed for more than just weight loss. According to the official website, Morning Fat Melter can also help with hyperthyroidism, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, low energy, and chronic joint pain, among other health issues.

Just follow the Morning Fat Melter program, performing the daily workouts and exercises while taking the Morning Fat Melter supplement, and then enjoy powerful weight loss results.

Morning Fat Melter Features & Benefits

Morning Fat Melter is marketed to women who want to lose weight with proven strategies, supplement ingredients, and home workouts.

Here are some of the features and benefits of Morning Fat Melter:

  • Lose 13lbs of body fat or more in 30 days
  • Drop 4 dress sizes or more in 30 days
  • Reduce cellulite drastically
  • Double energy levels
  • Get healthier blood sugar and cholesterol levels and improve your overall health

Lose 4 inches from your waistline and 3 inches from your thighs with no restrictive dieting, calorie counting, crazy workouts, or impossible-to-follow rules

Who Created Morning Fat Melter?

Morning Fat Melter was created by a woman named Dawn Steritt. Dawn had gained weight over the years and was frustrated with her dieting and exercising results. She created Morning Fat Melter based on her own research, and she used the program – and the supplement – to lose 72lbs and regain her health in four months.

Dawn started her weight loss journey two years ago. Dawn was 53 years old and weighed 216lbs, which was 70lbs overweight for her height.

Dawn knew she needed to lose weight, but she struggled to get meaningful results with diet and exercise programs. Some of them worked for short-term weight loss, but she generally regained all of the weight.

One day, Dawn encountered a broken elevator at her daughter’s apartment building. Her daughter’s apartment was on the 9th floor, and Dawn needed to use the stairs. By the third flight of stairs, Dawn had a heart attack.

Dawn rushed the hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with serious cardiovascular damage caused by her obesity. Doctors told Dawn she needed to lose 40lbs in the next 3 months or else she would face another heart attack.

Dawn also had other serious health issues: her blood pressure was 180/115, her BMI was over 30, and her cholesterol and blood sugar were through the roof. She was also pre-diabetic.

To make a long story short, Dawn started to research natural ways to lose weight and met a woman named Aline.

A Woman Named Aline Gave Dawn a Magical Green Weight Loss Powder

Dawn’s weight loss search led her to a personal trainer on the Hawaiian island of Oahu named Aline.

Aline gave Dawn a magical green powder, and Dawn used the powder to rapidly lose weight.

Aline claims the powder was an “herbs mixture” that she bought from “a shaman that lives in a forest from the southern part of the island.” Despite Dawn’s skepticism, Aline insisted the powder was safe because her other clients had taken it. Aline told Dawn to take the powder daily to lose weight.

Here’s what happened when Dawn took the powder:

Dawn took the herb mixture daily with a protein powder because it was the easiest way to ingest the supplement

The first day she took the supplement, Dawn woke up the next day feeling “filled with energy;” for the first time in years, she wasn’t as sore as she expected, and she had twice as much energy as she usually did

Dawn used her energy to participate in Aline’s classes, performing a 15-minute workout each morning for 2 weeks

Dawn continued to eat “so much food each day” while taking the powder

Over the 2 weeks of taking the magical green powder and exercising 15 minutes per day, Dawn lost “almost 12 pounds” and had to tighten her belt three notches; After 30 days of following Aline’s workout program and supplement regimen, Dawn had lost 22lbs

Dawn’s doctor was impressed with her results, and Dawn stopped taking her doctor-prescribed blood pressure and cholesterol pills because her readings “were similar to the ones of young athletes”; despite having a heart attack and experiencing significant cardiovascular damage just a few months earlier, Dawn was the picture of optimal health because of the Morning Fat Melter System

Ultimately, Dawn lost 72lbs in just 4 months while taking the Morning Fat Melter formula and found she was slimmer, more confident, well-toned, and happier than ever before. Motivated by her success, Dawn wanted to share her program with the world.

Morning Fat Melter Supplement Ingredients

Morning Fat Melter involves taking a specific supplement while also following the Morning Fat Melter program, including workout videos and hassle-free meal plans.

The core of the Morning Fat Melter program, however, is the supplement. The creators of Morning Fat Melter based the formula off of a Hawaiian shaman’s recipe. That shaman had a unique collection of herbs that led to significant weight loss. Although the shaman was unable to keep up with the demand for Morning Fat Melter, Dawn and Aline developed their own version of the formula with similar ingredients and results.

Here are all of the ingredients in Morning Fat Melter and how they work, according to the official website:

Berberine: Morning Fat Melter contains berberine, a natural extract found in many metabolism booster supplements and blood sugar support supplements. According to the makers of Morning Fat Melter, berberine “has very impressive health benefits” and affects your body at the molecular level by targeting an enzyme called AMPK to regulate metabolism. Metabolism can also lower blood sugar, cause weight loss, and improve heart health, according to the official website. In one 12-week study, people taking berberine 3 times per day lost 5lbs of weight loss. That’s lower than the advertised 13lbs of weight loss per month advertised on Morning Fat Melter, but berberine could help support weight loss in various ways.

Resveratrol: One of nature’s best antioxidants, resveratrol is found in grapes, wine, grape juice, peanuts, cocoa, and berries. You would need to eat a lot of grapes per day to get the equivalent dose of resveratrol in each serving of Morning Fat Melter. Studies have also linked resveratrol to significant weight loss along with anti-inflammatory effects, antioxidant benefits, and more.

Green Tea Extract: One of nature’s best-known weight loss ingredients, green tea extract contains natural antioxidants like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It also contains a small amount of stimulants like caffeine that are also linked to weight loss.

Milk Thistle Extract: Commonly found in liver support supplements, milk thistle extract can help clean toxins from your liver, according to the makers of Morning Fat Melter, using active natural chemicals like silymarin. The silymarin in milk thistle extract has antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects. It can also improve brain function, help prevent bone loss, and even “lower blood sugar level for people with diabetes,” according to the official website.

Ginseng Root Extract: Used in traditional Korean and Chinese medicine for thousands of years, ginseng is rich with natural chemicals like ginsenosides that are linked to certain weight loss effects, antioxidant benefits, and anti-inflammatory properties. The ginseng in Morning Fat Melter could help fight tiredness, increase energy, and enhance physical activity, among other effects.

Cayenne: Cayenne, rich with natural fat burners like capsaicin, is one of the weight loss supplement industry’s most popular ingredients. Cayenne boosts metabolism, helping you burn more fat at rest by raising body temperature.

Banaba Leaf Extract: Found in many diabetes and blood sugar support supplements, banaba leaf extract has been prized for its anti-diabetic properties for centuries. Today, research shows banaba leaf extract contains 40+ beneficial compounds, including corosolic acid, to lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity, among other benefits.

Overall, Morning Fat Melter contains a blend of 7 ingredients to help boost weight loss results while working with the rest of the Morning Fat Melter system.

What’s Included with Morning Fat Melter?

Morning Fat Melter is more than just a weight loss supplement. You also get workout videos featuring Aline, the personal trainer who helped develop the Morning Fat Melter supplement, along with other weight loss guides and tools.

Here’s what you get with Morning Fat Melter:

30 Day Meal Plan: The Morning Fat Melter 30 day meal plan features easy-to-prepare, mouth-watering, fat-burning meals that force your body to burn fat all day long – even at night. You can eat tasty foods, enjoy powerful fat burning benefits, and follow easy recipes to lose weight over 30 days.

15-Minute Workout Videos: Led by personal trainer Aline, the Morning Fat Melter 15-minute workout videos feature workouts you can do at home in just 15 minutes per day. Aline purportedly spent $100,000 and 5 days in a studio recording the videos to help women of all ages lose weight. Whether you haven’t worked out in years or you’re looking for a tough workout, you can use the Morning Fat Melter 15-minute workouts to achieve the results you need. The workout videos include:

  • Videos loved by over 50,000 women around the world
  • 9 full body workout videos
  • A specific workout manual and workout plan to follow for 30 days
  • 15-minute long workout videos including warm ups and stretching
  • Workouts you can perform at home guided by a professional personal trainer
  • Movements that will help you continue burning fat for up to 48 hours after you do them

1 Week Quick Start Guide: Morning Fat Melter comes with a 1-week quick start guide that you can start daily to double your metabolism and maximize weight loss in the first week.

Step by Step Action Plan & Schedule: Morning Fat Melter also comes with a workout schedule and daily checklist, making it easy to track the success of your Morning Fat Melter program. You can check each daily workout, for example, and check the other steps you’ve accomplished along the way.

The Morning Fat Melter Manual: This manual, subtitled, “How to Keep Your Blood Sugar in the ‘Fat Loss Zone’ and Burn Fat Even While You Sleep,” features proven tips and strategies for losing weight. You can discover how to eat certain foods to double your metabolism and energy levels, for example, and keep your weight in balance. The manual also reveals 10 metabolism-boosting activities you can perform daily in 5 minutes or less.

Scientific Evidence for Morning Fat Melter

Dawn, the woman who helped to create Morning Fat Melter, claims to have conducted small trials to verify the program works as advertised. After being impressed with her own weight loss and health journey with Morning Fat Melter, Dawn wanted to see if it worked for others as well.

Here’s how that trial worked:

The trial started with 7 people; all 7 people were losing 3 to 5lbs each week via the Morning Fat Melter system

At the end of the first month, the participants in the trial started to share their impressive weight loss results with others, and Dawn had a waiting list of 312 members who wanted to join the program

All 312 participants were over 45, at least 30lbs overweight, and desperate for a change in their lives

“Most of the 312 women…were losing 20 pounds or more each month,” according to the official Morning Fat Melter website, and they all felt happier and healthier

Women were restoring their health, vitality, and youth; many women felt their stress and anxiety disappear, their brain fog lift, and their sex drive return thanks to Morning Fat Melter

Overall, the trial was a huge success. Women lost weight, experienced zero side effects, and improved their health with the Morning Fat Melter system, according to the official website.

Since the launch of the trial, The makers of Morning Fat Melter claim “over 31,482 women” have also reached their ideal weight by following the program, which would make Morning Fat Melter one of the internet’s best-selling weight loss programs overall.

Dawn also claims the Morning Fat Melter system was made with some medical expertise. She claims she had “the help of my doctor” for sourcing a lab, for example. The original formula was also made by a shaman in Hawaii, who worked with a personal trainer named Aline Pilani to release the formula to the world. Aline Pilani was awarded “The Trainer of the Year Award” for her ability to keep her clients trim and healthy.

The ingredients in the Morning Fat Melter are backed by science to help with weight loss, blood sugar, energy, and more. Many weight loss formulas use green tea, resveratrol, ginseng, and other ingredients to support healthy weight loss, for example, and Morning Fat Melter appears to use science-backed dosages of each ingredient.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with Morning Fat Melter?

The Morning Fat Melter website is filled with testimonials from women who have lost significant weight in a short period using the Morning Fat Melter system.

By following the Morning Fat Melter 15-minute workouts and taking the Morning Fat Melter nutritional supplement daily, you can purportedly lose significant weight.

Here are some of the weight loss testimonials featured on the official website:

Over 31,482 women around the world have used Morning Fat Melter to lose 13lbs or more each month and reach their ideal weight in record time, according to the official website

One woman lost 72lbs in 4 months and dropped to a size 10 with Morning Fat Melter

One 58-year old grandmother was in such bad shape at the start of the program that she could not even exercise, yet she lost 13lbs in her first month regardless; then, she lost 73lbs over the next 7 months by incorporating the 15 minute easy workouts into her lifestyle

Another woman lost 40lbs in 6 weeks at age 42 with Morning Fat Melter

Another woman lost 83lbs of unwanted body fat in 6 months with the program

One of the largest weight loss stories featured on the official website involves Mary, who claims to have lost 107lbs using the Morning Fat Melter program

Morning Fat Melter Pricing

Morning Fat Melter is priced at $69 per bottle, although the price drops as low as $49 per bottle when ordering multiple bottles of the supplement.


All purchases come with the same bundle of bonus reports, guides, videos, and tools listed above, including the complete workout video library, meal plan, and more.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordering Morning Fat Melter online today:

  • 1 Bottle + Morning Fat Melter Package: $69 + Shipping
  • 3 Bottles + Morning Fat Melter Package: $177 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles + Morning Fat Melter Package: $294 + Free US Shipping

Each bottle of Morning Fat Melter contains a 30 day supply of capsules. The manufacturer recommends taking 3 to 4 capsules per day to rapidly lose weight (although each bottle only contains 60 capsules, or 30 servings).

Bonuses Included with Morning Fat Melter

As part of a 2022 promotion, the makers of Morning Fat Melter are bundling a package of bonus reports and eBooks with all new purchases.

Here’s what you get when you buy Morning Fat Melter online today:

Bonus eBook #1: 57 Secrets to Fight Aging: Nutrition Tricks That Fight Aging And Make You Look & Feel Younger: This eBook covers some of the best foods, exercises, movements, and supplements to help women over 50 regain vitality, double energy levels, and look and feel 20 years younger. You’ll discover herbs, teas, spices, and other nutrients to fight against, reverse the effects of aging on your body, boost your sex drive, support hair and joint health, and more. The eBook features 32 pages of nutrition tricks and anti-aging secrets.

Bonus eBook #2: What Not to Do to Lose Weight: And the Secret Nutrients & Minerals That Can Triple Your Metabolism: Some people make weight loss mistakes daily without knowing it. They might think they’re doing everything right to lose weight – but they’re secretly inhibiting their weight loss progress. In this eBook, you can discover foods and veggies that are purported to be “healthy” but actually make it difficult to lose weight.

Bonus Coaching: 3 Months of Free Personal Coaching with Aline: Valued at $197, you get 3 months of free personal coaching with Aline with all purchases of Morning Fat Melter. You get 1-on-1 elite coaching for free. After buying Morning Fat Melter, you get access to a secret and closed Facebook group, then get a special support email where you can ask Aline any questions you want.

Morning Fat Melter Refund Policy

All Morning Fat Melter purchases come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

If you didn’t lose 13lbs of fat in your first 30 days of following the Morning Fat Melter system, or if you’re unhappy with the reason for any reason, then you can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days.

About Morning Fat Melter

Morning Fat Melter is made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in Colorado.

The weight loss program was developed by a woman named Dawn Steritt, who claims to have lost 72lbs using the system. Dawn teamed up with a personal trainer named Aline, who appears in the Morning Fat Melter workout videos.

You can contact the Morning Fat Melter team via the following:

  • Email: support@morningfatmelter.zendesk.com

Final Word

Morning Fat Melter is an all-in-one weight loss program featuring a natural supplement, home workout videos, nutrition guides, and more.

By following the Morning Fat Melter system, you can purportedly lose weight, improve health, and enjoy other powerful benefits. Thousands of women have used the Morning Fat Melter system to lose 30lbs or more within weeks – with advertised weight loss of around 13lbs per month, according to the official website.

To learn more about the Morning Fat Melter weight loss system and how it works, or to buy the supplement and program online today, visit the official website.