Moore Sets Priorities for Seattle Conference

“World Trade Organization Director-General Mike Moore underscored his priorities for the upcoming Seattle Ministerial Conference recently.Moore stressed the importance of achieving a balanced outcome in Seattle addressing the needs of all WTO member governments.“Ordinary people greeted the launch of the Uruguay Round with apathy, the possibility of launching a new round in Seattle will be met with far greater emotions, some positive, some not so positive,” Moore said. “This time we will not be able to complain about apathy. In the absence of global conflict between ‘isms’ some people have chosen to focus their fury on globalism.“A third of new US jobs are export related,” Moore said. “As the global economy evolves, a major duty for the WTO’s Director-General is to make the case for keeping the markets of the rich nations open to products from poorer countries.“All eyes are directed now at the Seattle Ministerial – hopes are high,” Moore said. “Our goal is very clear, it’s better living standards for all our people. Because it is through higher living standards that we achieve better health care, superior education systems, and a safer, better, environment.“It’s time now for me and colleagues in Geneva and capitals to roll up our sleeves and get to work,” Moore added.”