Moon Mate Reading Reviews (MyMoonMate.com) Is It Legit?

The Moon Mate Sketch and Reading is an online service that uses the customer’s birth date to calculate the perfect match for them. The creator uses her experience as a psychic clairvoyant to metaphysically connect with an image of the user’s soulmate, which she uses to create her sketch.

What is a Moon Mate Sketch and Reading?

When it comes to love, everyone wants to enter a relationship with the security of knowing it is a good match. Dating can be trial and error, depending on many factors, but what if all failed relationships are just because of a lack of direction? Consumers nowadays want more certainty, permanence, and reliability in their relationships. A new service allows users to look inside at where these choices might’ve led them to this point.

The Moon Mate Reading is a unique opportunity to learn who the user should be with and a sketch of the individual for the rest of their life. This promise might seem like a tall order, but anyone can get a reading to show them the person they should be with. Sometimes, the answer is quite surprising, but other people might use this service to confirm what they already know. By offering a reading, the user would already have a substantial amount of information. However, a sketch provides a specific image on which users can base the following decisions in their love life. Moon Mate is a high-quality sketch of the person and your Moon Message.

This full service is provided to consumers by a professional psychic clairvoyant named Maria. Maria’s experience spans two decades, allowing her to delve into the power of future readings, tarot readings, zodiac, astrology, numerology, and more. She has experience in palm reading and fortune telling, making predictions for her clients as they seek to learn more about their future. She’s already helped thousands of clients, showing her consistency in creating reliable sketches.

How Does the Moon Mate Reading Work?

While some people might be apprehensive about this kind of service because of the work that might need to go into it, they needn’t worry about this particular service. The full Moon Reading and Sketch is based on answers that the user includes in the form, which asks:

  • The gender that the user is most interested in.
  • Their zodiac sign.
  • Their current relationship status.
  • Their first and last name.
  • Their birthdate.
  • An email that the sketch and reading can be sent to.

Once these basic details are included, the creator can prepare their Moon Mate sketch with their personalized message. She uses her psychic gifts and the user’s natal birth chart to curate the experience, providing the details consumers want within 24 hours.

Purchasing Access to the Moon Mate Reading

Consumers can purchase the Moon Mate Reading for $19.97. However, the website often runs specials, potentially offering a $5 discount for first-time customers in many instances.

With the purchase, consumers receive:

  • A Moon Message that offers a personalized reading from the creator.
  • A high-quality sketch of their Moon Mate
  • All of the reports and sketches can be printed off to use as a physical copy.

Along with the report and sketch, users can sign up for a free trial to daily Moon & Love Readings + Positive Affirmations, a welcome gift available to newcomers. The trial is offered for $14.97 monthly, and users will get a little more guidance on how they can connect with their soulmate.

If the customer has questions or concerns about their order, they can message

  • Product Support: maria@mymoonmate.com.
  • Order Support: https://www.clkbank.com/#!/

Frequently Asked Questions About Moon Mates and More

Q. What is a Moon Mate?

A. As the website explains, a Moon Mate refers to someone highly compatible with the user, based on astrology charts. While a Soul Mate or a Twin Flame can offer a little information with a psychic background, the Moon Mate cannot be debated. Everything is decided by the user’s birth chart and compatibility with another. This prediction is proclaimed the most accurate reading possible by the creator.

Q. What will users get with their Moon Mate?

A. When consumers make this purchase, they will receive a sketch of the person the creators say is their Moon Mate. It also contains a detailed reading that combines the birth chart information with this sketch to get a full view of their Moon Mate. It also includes a reading on their compatibility between themselves and their Moon Mate, a timeline of how long it might be before they meet them, and a list of characteristics.

Q. Will the user know who their Moon Mate is?

A. While many see that the sketch looks like someone they know, that’s not always the case. Still, the fact that many of these sketches look like someone already in the customer’s life is uncanny.

Q. How long does it take to generate the Moon Mate sketch?

A. The services offered by the creator of this sketch and reading are in high demand, which means that customers might have to wait up to 48 hours to get their sketch. Generally, the average wait time is 24 hours.


The Moon Mate Sketch and reading help consumers find a little hope in their love life, even if they have taken a break from dating or are already married. The service doesn’t require much information from the user to make these gifts, and consumers can even sign up for a trial Moon Reading service to receive additional readings for their zodiac sign. Visit the official website today to get started.



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