Money Mutual Reviews 2022: Is This The Best Bad Credit Loan Company With Low Mortgage Rates Today?

Who knows what life will throw at our face right when we run out of money. And since the global pandemic hit, chances are we are all going through tough financial times. During this type of situation, there aren’t many options in hand, only to ask someone to lend you some cash. Nobody wants to feel embarrassed asking a friend or a relative, and here is where a loan credit comes to the rescue.

There aren’t any individuals that didn’t ask for financial aid from a lender marketplace. However, you should first take your time and do some research on the internet to find trustworthy ones since you don’t want to end up in a worse situation than you already are.

You don’t have to waste that much time; in fact, you are probably in a hurry since you ended up here. But don’t worry because we have found the best loan lending marketplace that is reliable, trustworthy, and offers the most advantageous rates that will help you get your needed cash in an instance.

We present you Money Mutual, an online lenders alliance. This is one of the highly reputable online lending platforms that has collaborated with more than thousands of people. In our MoneyMutual review we will cover you with all the information possible to let you know how it works, and what conditions they offer. Based on multiple resources and customer experience, we did our best to make this article helpful for you.

MoneyMutual Review: Brand Overview


MoneyMutual was founded to help Americans cover the financial challenges of everyday life. Since a large percentage of the population struggles to manage their finances, the brand has become a light at the end of the tunes for many individuals that struggled with money crises.

They have developed an easy and secure marketplace where every person will approach with confidence and a sense of safety. The brand collaborates with highly reputable lenders to provide you with different loans for emergency expenses, holidays, unexpected bills, or much more.

MoneyMutual is a proud member of the Online Lender Alliance, which shares its dedication to the best service and education in the short-term loan industry.


  • User-friendly website with mobile compatibility
  • An array of available lenders to give you loan offers
  • Fast funding process
  • Applicants with bad credit are accepted
  • Basic eligibility requirements
  • Informational and educational resources
  • Service is free of costs
  • Secured and attested platform


  • Loan terms dependent on the lenders
  • Some loans might not be available in your state

What Is MoneyMutual? Are They The Best Loan Company For Bad Credit?

This is a well known online network acting as an intermediate between individuals that need money and lenders that can lend them the needed amount of funds. They collaborate with more than 60 loan lenders with the ability to make real-time decisions about assisting in resolving your financial condition.

The platform’s services are free of cost, and you won’t have to pay anything to use it. The lenders offer installment loans, lines of credit, title loans, and auto credit loans. You are allowed to apply for several lenders using one application once you meet the eligibility criteria, and you are above 18 years old.

Each lender determines the interest rate, loan term, and other important points. More so, you have free will whether you want to collaborate with some lender or not. Before you agree to take out the loan, you can review each one of their contracts for you to make a more informed decision.

The repayment period varies from one lender to another. As stated in their contract, MoneyMutual doesn’t have a set time to make negotiations with the lenders according to your abilities.

How Does MoneyMutual Work?

MoneyMutual offers you the simplest way to connect with a loan lender. It operates similarly to the other loan lending platform by completing an application form. In this case, you have to provide your personal information and the type of loan you are acquiring. You’ll have to input your full name, home address, date of birth, and telephone number to prove your identity.

You’ll also need to provide additional information about your income, like your monthly income and whether you are a full-time employee, the address where you work, and whether you own any property. The final step requires your bank account details and how you would like the funds to be paid.

Then you’ll start receiving offers from various lenders according to your criteria. Each lender will state their own terms like the APR, any additional fees or charges if they require some, and other conditions.

You are free to go through your offers and compare the rates to find which one suits your situation the best. At this point, you aren’t obligated to proceed with any offer; you are free to refuse them and cancel your application at any time.

Services Offered By MoneyMutual: Get Easy Loans For Bad Credit

MoneyMutual provides you access to various short-term loan lenders and other types of credit loans. The best thing about Money Mutual is they are open to accepting applicants with not-so-great credit scores.

Even though not every loan type won’t be ideal in terms of interest rates or satisfy your personal need, you can be sure that you’ll find something that quits you and will, at the most part, be able to resolve your problem.

Payday Loan

Payday loans are the most common type of loans, meant to provide you with a short-term cash infusion for you to make it to the next payday. They are ideal when you need to pay a bill or buy groceries until you get your paycheck.

When it comes to the interest rates, this type of loan is cheaper than you might get. However, once you acquire this type of loan, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to pay it on your next payday, and you must provide a date when you seek access to their network.

The process requires you to allow your authorization for the lending company to withdraw the payment from your bank account on your payday.

It’s vital to know that payday loans hover somewhat in an expensive way to borrow money as they come with higher interest rates and finance charges. So make sure that you have money when the repayment date comes if you don’t want to end up trapped in a bigger depth.

Installment Loans

These installment loans work in the same manner as payday loans. They follow a schedule and require to be paid back over a set number of payments. They offer flexible rates if you have discipline and allow the advantage to avoid higher fees.

Make sure to read the fine prints carefully, as some lenders require making interest payments based on the dates you pay.

Cash Advance

These loan options are similar to a payday loan. The main difference in the previous loans is that cash advance allows you to pull out a specific term loan or cash regardless of the borrower’s existing line of credit. Regardless of your credit score, these types of loans are accessible even for those with a low one.

You can take the cash advance with a credit or debit card even if you have a credit limit. The network will connect you with lenders offering only cash advances. This type is an excellent option if you need payment in cash, and there is no option for an electronic payment method.

Many of these loans are regarded as bad credit loans with low eligibility requirements. However, you should be aware that they also have a high interest; therefore, you should make a plan beforehand so the high-interest rates won’t take a toll on your finances.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans come with lower eligibility requirements and are suitable for people with bad credit scores. This is one of the main features of MoneyMutual, as people with bad credit scores need them the most. They are easily approved as lenders look at factors other than the credit score rating to decide the worth of the loan.

The lender looks at other financial factors like your monthly income, previous loans, or any depth. If they comply with their criteria, you can be allowed to get a loan to repair your car, pay the bills, or buy something you need urgently.

Eligibility Criteria For Bad Credit Loans

Each lender at MoneyMutual has its own requirements; however, MoneyMutual has set a basic qualification to help you determine if you are a suitable candidate to apply for a loan. You must be at least 18 years old and be a U.S. resident to apply.

Also, you must have a steady monthly income of at least $800 per month. Some lenders are willing to count pensions, social security, and disability as a part of the income requirement.

The loan eligibility might also differ in terms of quantity compared to your monthly income. So make sure you check the fine print and know whether it suits your necessities before you agree to take out the loan.

You’ll have to provide information about your employer to verify your employment. The lender won’t contact the company; they research your company’s name and phone number in the employment portion of your application. If you are self-employed, you are still allowed to apply for a loan and get approved.

If you check all of these eligibility requirements, then you can apply for a loan, although MoneyMutual doesn’t guarantee that you receive a loan.

MoneyMutuals’ Bad Credit Loan Guaranteed Approval Process

After you complete the application that doesn’t take any more than five minutes, you’ll receive a response within minutes which it’s all it takes for lenders to review your information and approval decision.

Once you receive the offers, take your take and review the loan terms carefully; check the monthly payments, how much time you have to repay the loan, and how much it will cost you to take it out. You don’t need to accept the offer immediately.

MoneyMutual offers a vast network of loan programs, some of which require you to put up cash or property as collateral. If you fail to repay it, you might lose your collateral which it’s a great risk to take on.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Cash Advance Through Mortgage Lenders Like MoneyMutual?

Once you sign up for the contract with the lender, you can expect the loan to be transferred to your bank account for no more than one business day. However, sometimes it might take a little slower depending on the lender and if you made your application during the weekend or holiday.

When the funds get transferred to your bank account, you are ready to use them for whatever you need. You’ll also get all the important information about your loans’ due date and which payment method to use to submit your loan installments.

The most important thing is to stay on top of those payments; otherwise, you might face expensive fees, and the account might eventually go to collections. MoneyMutual is flexible when it comes to the renewal policy in case you need to extend your repayment period. This process typically comes with additional fees that you need to negotiate directly with your lender.

How Much Can You Borrow?

The exact loan amount might depend on many thighs, mainly on the given loan. Each lender has its own options on hand and is determined to give a certain amount of loans at maximum. Short-term loans of $2,500 are offered by lenders; however, the loan amount depends on several factors other than your state and lender’s rules. Your financial history, as well as employment history and monthly income, will play a part in the loan amount you’ll qualify for.

MoneyMutual Services: Fees and Costs

The biggest advantage of MoneyMutual is that you get all of these features for free, as you don’t have to pay anything for using the service. You might have thought that this matching platform would collect some money from you as a fee; however, that’s not the case with MoneyMutual.

The platform runs by charging its network of lending firms a small fee for connecting them to interested borrowers, and you get the convenience of getting access to funds at no extra costs.

Interest Rates

However, each lender requires its own set of interest rates and additional fees. This practice is most common with payday loan companies. Generally, on every $100 you borrow, there is a fee of $15 added. Other than that, the lenders can charge you late payment or administration, which is a standard practice in this industry. Lenders provide these fees in the loan offer terms you get before you take the loan.

MoneyMutual lenders, unlike many payday loan companies, charge the average interest rate between 261% and 1.304% though certain states have this limit legally capped at lower rates.

Other Fees To Consider

Although you won’t have to pay any fees to Money Mutual for helping you to get predatory loans, some of the lenders charge an obligation fee that usually ranges from 0% to 5% which is a valid checking account.

This type of fee will be deducted from the loan amount you receive as it charges additional costs to cover the loan arrangement. MoneyMutual makes this clear when your search results load, so make sure you check it in the agreement before you sign it.

Why Do We Recommend MoneyMutual?

Fast Way To Get A Loan

MoneyMutual understands that financial emergencies can be stressful; therefore, their platform navigation allows you to get connected with a loan lender in the shortest amount of time. The application process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes to complete, requiring only your basic information.

Once you are done with the form, the network immediately starts searching for loan requests with lenders offering you monetary assistance with details concerning your loan. You may expect the loan to be transferred to your bank account within 24 hours when your negotiations are done.

High Customer Security

MoneyMutual carries the title of the most trusted and secure online lender in the domain, having more than two million satisfied clients to vouch for its professionalism. Additionally, customers report they managed to get a loan with an extremely low credit score.

The platform’s privacy policy guarantees the security of your personal information, so you don’t have to worry when sharing your personal details. It uses Norton Encryption protection which ensures that your information stays safe and secure.

Lenders that collaborate with MoneyMutual comply with the company’s rules; as a result, your information stays safe with the lenders as well.

Reliable Lenders

MoneyMutual has the largest lender network among its competitors that have worked with the company for years. Every one of them has to follow some guidelines provided by Money Mutual to ensure that the users’ safety is on the highest level.

Many of the lenders are especially flexible when it comes to setting the loan’s terms and conditions and are open to collaborating with different types of borrowers, even those with not-so-great credit scores.

User-Friendly Website

MoneyMutual’s website is pretty transparent in terms of everything, starting from the number of lenders to the range of interest rates. The interface is pretty straightforward and offers directions to users to help them navigate easily.

They have an excellent educational blog with various information tools to help you manage your finances more responsively. It’s a great option for those with bad credit scores, as it comes with many useful tips on how to improve it and qualify for better rates.

Automatic Payment And Repayment

MoneyMutual has a feature that isn’t commonly found among online lending companies. They offer the convenience of repaying the loans by setting up an auto repayment to prevent late or forgotten transfers. With this in mind, the loan installments will be automatically sent to your bank to the lender’s account; this way, you don’t have to stress about monthly payments.

Great For Smaller Loans

If you are facing a financial emergency, and you need a smaller loan to help you cover some instant expenses. MoneyMutual has you covered. You can borrow a small loan amount of $200. This will suit everyone who needs fast access to funds as they are usually much more affordable, and require a shorter repayment period.

Excellent Customer Service

MoneyMutual has customer service available at all times to seek assistance regarding their services. They are approachable and especially attentive when it comes to various issues you might have. You can contact them either via phone call or email during regular business hours.

Since MoneyMutual is a matching platform, note that they might not be able to give you answers on details concerning your loan, and you’ll have to discuss them with your lender directly.

Other Aspects To Consider While Opting For Online Loans

Other Aspects To Consider While Opting For Loans-IMAGE

Yes, MoneyMutual comes with many good things you will love; however, there are still areas that they can improve, and we are more than sure they are working on them. Mostly it concerned some aspects of the platform.

Their direct comparison mechanism feature is lacking in their service, which we thought won’t suit every customer, as you must read each offer and decide how it holds up against the others.

On the other hand, during the loan process with a lender, the whole operation is played out between you and your lender, and users are required to take up any loan-related business directly with the lender.

Overall, MoneyMutual is a platform that does what it promises, and it is up to you to determine whether it offers what you need. In our sincere opinion, it has many advantages over other similar platforms, and it comes with the highest security protection in the branch.

FAQs On Money Mutual

What Happens If I Miss A Payment At MoneyMutual?

As we have previously said in this MoneyMutual review, when you are not taking a loan with MoneyMutual, and the loan agreement is taken out with the lender you are matched with. With this in mind, MoneyMutual doesn’t play any role when determining the outcome of missed repayment.

If you miss your repayment with a reputable lender, the best advice is to contact them directly before the repayment date comes. Many of them try to work through with borrowers in the event of late payment.

Ultimately, the missed repayment can lead to additional fees and charges, and the lender will likely report the missed payment to credit agencies, which will affect your credit score greatly.

Is Money Lending From An Online Platform Like MoneyMutual More Convenient Than Conventional Lending?

The answer to this question depends on your requirements; if you need same-day loans with no credit check and instant approval, then online lending is a better option. On the other hand, traditional lending offers you an in-person experience while the chances of getting an instant loan are pretty slim.

Online lenders offer you pre-qualification that doesn’t impact your credit score in any way, and the fund’s approval and transfer are much faster. The best case is you’ll receive your money in less than one business day, and in the worst, it can take up to three days at maximum.

When acquiring a loan from a bank, you need to have a pre-existing relationship with them, and the approval usually takes a lot of time, while online lenders don’t require such factors. Since banks are more personalized, they offer a more traditional face-to-face service and access to better information.

Online lenders don’t require local operating costs, which means you can pay low rates. Traditional lenders pay more for loan management processes.

Concluding Statement On MoneyMutual Review

The time of browsing through online providers to find the best deals is long gone. With a platform like MoneyMutual, you have access to hundreds of loan providers at just a click of a button, and the best part is that it won’t impact your credit score, so you can easily find the best deal without any risk.

We chose to create this MoneyMutual review especially for the fact it’s suitable for borrowers of all kinds of credit profiles, so it doesn’t matter if you have a poor credit score or excellent financing standing; you can still find some of the best rates in the industry.

As we’ve come to the end of this article, we understand how many people are looking for extra cash these days. And especially at these ongoing challenging times; many people around the world have been left without a job.

Due to this fact, MoneyMutual takes care to provide financial assistance to everyone that needs it, so if you are looking for a short-term loan and you are scared that your credit score will put you in trouble, the fear is over.

MoneyMutual has been recommended as the best provider for bad credit loans by the Island Now. Feel free to visit their site and fill out the application. Wait for approval, and the funds will be transferred within 24 hours in a signal business day.

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