Metro Parks will prune, remove damaged trees

Beginning on or after Dec. 15, contractors and Metro Parks staff will be pruning and removing dead or damaged trees and limbs along forested roadsides as part of routine safety and preventative maintenance work at Wapato, Titlow and Point Defiance Parks.

According to Metro Parks, many of the trees to be removed are small and grew on their own into very crowded conditions which they did not survive. Others are larger and have died or become damaged for various reasons. Metro Parks Tacoma’s policy is to leave dead trees standing in forested areas, unless they pose a high risk of falling where they could cause damage or injury. Each of the trees to be removed have been individually evaluated by the District’s urban forester.

Tree trunks and large branches will be left on site, away from the road, where they can contribute to habitat functions and provide soil enrichment for the forest. Removal of this wood from the park by the public is strictly prohibited. Smaller branches and twigs, which can pose a fire hazard in the dry summer months, will be removed by Metro Parks staff or the District’s designated contractor.