Mariners' value ranks fifth in baseball

The Mariners’ brand ranks fifth among Major League Baseball teams, according to a study by FutureBrand of New York that was released Monday.
The study of 80 franchises said the Mariners’ brand is worth $86 million.
Overall, the Mariners ranked 19th among North American pro sports teams.
The New York Yankees rank no. 1 at $334 million, followed by the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Washington Redskins.
The Seattle SuperSonics ranked 64th at $35 million. The Seattle Seahawks were not ranked.
The study determined the value of sports franchise brands by calculating the revenue and profit created by the brand, evaluating the popularity of the team, the key elements that create fan interest across all sports, plus determining the strength or risk of a brand in its market compared to competitors.