Management structure shift at Port of Tacoma

The Port of Tacoma has announced a shift of management responsibilities following a two-year internal assessment that focused on the Port’s corporate culture.
“As the Port of Tacoma grows, our success will be based on three factors: We have to take care of our customers, build a foundation for growth and be a good neighbor,” said Port of Tacoma Executive Director Timothy J. Farrell. “Our growth plans, customer focus and consideration for our neighbors requires an organization-wide clarification of roles and development of our internal decision-making process.”
Most notably, a newly created External Affairs Team will focus on building stronger relationships within the community by combining the areas of public affairs, government relations, community relations and communications.
As of Feb. 11, Port of Tacoma management responsibilities are as follows:
Executive Team
— Areas of Responsibility: Corporate Vision and Strategy, Team Building, Community Building.
Commercial Team
— Areas of Responsibility: All business lines.
Operations Team
— Areas of Responsibility: Maintenance, Operations, Security, Labor Relations.
Sustainable Development Team
— Areas of Responsibility: Environmental Programs, Planning and Engineering.
Business Innovation Services Team
— Areas of Responsibility: Contracting, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology.
External Affairs Team
— Areas of Responsibility: Government Relations, Community Relations, Communications, Public Affairs.
General Counsel
— Areas of Responsibility: Corporate and Commission legal affairs.