Luke Lango Innovation Investor: Apple’s “Project Titan” Is It Apple’s Next Trillion-Dollar Product?

In a recent presentation, senior technology analyst, Luke Lango disclosed that American manufacturer of personal computers, tablets, and mobile devices among others, Apple will soon be launching a brand-new device. It is unlike anything we’ve seen from the company says the expert, who pledges that their endeavor stems from nearly a decade of research and development. Could you foresee a device that is 10 times bigger than the iPad, MacBook and the iPhone combined? Well, it looks like the unthinkable will exist amidst the masses shortly and it currently goes by the name, “Project Titan”.

So, what do we know about Project Titan to date? From Luke’s presentation, our editorial team was able to gather that it is projected as a $46 trillion opportunity, with one backdoor supplier at the center of it all. In other words, to bring Project Titan alive, one little-known $5 firm’s supply is vital explains Luke. Moreover, the late Steve Jobs was the one to have come up with the concept, which could fundamentally change the world. In fact, the expert highlighted that Project Titan:

  • Could overshadow everything Apple has offered to date
  • Could quadruple manufacturer partnerships
  • Includes over a hundred filed cutting-edge patents

Still unsure where Luke is headed? Our editorial team wasn’t entirely certain either until he mentioned that Project Titan is two-fold. In other words, the company is reckoned to disrupt artificial intelligence and automobile industries (i.e., the Apple Car). Seeing how Apple has managed to launch some of the best consumer electronics available in the current market, this only seems natural of them. As per Luke:

“It’s one of the many reasons that NOW is the perfect time for Apple to tackle this market and lay the foundations for their success. What they’re doing with Project Titan will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard of before […] And it’s going to completely transform Apple and the way we think of cars forever.”

Undoubtedly, the supposed suppliers must be in the tech space as well. Taking everything into account, a subscription to Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor must first be purchased to position oneself for an uptrend.

What is Innovation Investor?

Innovation Investor is Luke Lango’s monthly research service. Through this service, members will not only discover potential winners in the EV and AV industries, but also 5G, AI, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the metaverse. In other words, Luke plans to converge all these tech breakthroughs in the hopes of “creating a tsunami of wealth.” As for its entirety, investors can anticipate investing in mid- to large-cap stocks with some risk attached.

What does a subscription to Innovation Investor entail?

By joining Innovation Investor today, members have a chance at unleashing details on the Apple’s device along with the service’s incentives. Starting with the special reports, we have:

Special Report #1. The Project Titan Prospectus

Ever since rumors on the Apple Car circulated, the company stock’s market cap grew by a massive $102 billion. If this is the effect of rumors, imagine facts! Sure, positioning oneself with the Apple stock might be advantageous, but very few people know of the company’s “backdoor supplier.” This small company is where 40 times the gain could potentially be made. Why? Because the Apple Car is an autonomous vehicle (AV). The small Silicon Valley company has a greater chance at growing because:

  • It might hold the key piece of tech that the Apple Car requires for autonomous operations
  • It comprises of two former Apple engineers and 25 Apple alumni
  • Its technological design is a world’s first that even NASA uses their tech

The first special report includes everything there is to know about this small company. In fact, this is the exact documentation through which investors will learn of the name, ticker symbol and Luke’s thorough analyses. In addition to the aforesaid, details on two more stocks will be provided.

Special Report #2. The Projected $46 Trillion Transportation Revolution Playbook

The second special report comprises of information on seven more explosive stocks positioned perfectly in this so-called “emerging megatrend.” A significant portion of this report appears to be devoted to EVs because once the market takes off, over half of all Americans are expected to own an EV by the latest 2030!

Regarding the usual incentives of becoming a member, they include:

  • Two Innovation Investor research reports monthly via email for the full year
  • Access to the Innovation Investor model portfolio
  • Access to a private membership website filled with past issues and premium reports (aside from what’s already mentioned above)
  • Daily and/or urgent updates on stocks under Luke’s watchlist and portfolio
  • Bonus #1. The Quickening: 4 Tech Stocks That Could Change Society Forever
  • 365-day money-back guarantee

How much does it cost to become a member of Innovation Investor?

The Innovation Investor subscription fee is normally set at $199 yearly, but as a gift, Luke decided to roll back the price to $49. Additionally, the 365-day money-back guarantee in place makes Innovation Investor practically risk-free. If over the course of 365 days, investors find that their model portfolios aren’t as pleasant as Luke advertises they should be, customer support can be contacted for refund. For pertinent information on eligibility, support can be garnered in one of the following ways:

  • Email: feedback@investorplace.com.
  • Phone: 1 (800) 219 8592 (Domestic) or 1 (717) 207 9729 (International)
  • Mailing Address: InvestorPlace, 1125 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Meet Luke Lango

Luke Lango is a senior technology analyst at InvestorPlace. His primary focus is growth equities, leading him to earn a strong reputation for identifying stocks and cryptocurrencies with upside potential. Over the past few years, he discovered the likes of Advanced Micro Devices, Shopify, Tesla, NIO, and Chegg (all reaching over 1000% in gains). Coexisting with his passion for investing, is his fascination for the venture capital and technology startup worlds. That said, some of his noteworthy achievements include:

  • Graduating from Caltech with an Economics degree
  • Working at fintech startup, Scoutables, where he designed cash flow management models
  • Founding a boutique investment fund called L&F Capital Management, LLC

Final Verdict

Innovation Investor stresses the importance of technology, seeing how it plays a major role in society as a whole. Luke strongly believes in this sector because it can compound exponentially, not only transforming the present, but also generations ahead. Now that the Apple Car has reached a point beyond imagination, Luke sees value as an analyst and investor. In the case of Apple, history tends to repeat itself and this typically has a more powerful effect on the involved suppliers. Details on the predicted parties and other technological projects will be presented in the special and bonus reports respectively. Ultimately, this monthly research service is suitable for knowledge seekers and technology enthusiasts looking for a moderate to aggressive investor profile. As with any profile, there will be some form of risk, thus, individuals are asked to evaluate their financial stance before committing. To facilitate the decision-making processes, find out more on what Innovation Investor has to offer by clicking here! >>>


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