Local artists selected to create police substation public art

Community members representing all sectors of the City of Tacoma selected three artists and one artist-team to create unique artwork for each of the new police substations. The artists were selected by a subcommittee representing the neighborhood adjacent to each station, Tacoma Arts Commissioners and representatives from the Tacoma Police Department. Each of the following artists live in the community where their art will be displayed: Chris Spadafore; Jennevieve Schlemmer; Justin Hahn; and George and LaVonne Hoivik.

“It was wonderful to have four committees independently select the different artists,” said Joseph Lonergan, panelist and South End Neighborhood Council member. “These artists represent Tacoma well.”

“The community is our most important partner in the substation project,” said Lieutenant Bob Sheehan, Tacoma Police Department project manager for the substations. “Having so many people involved in selecting the public art is the beginning of a great relationship. We also look forward to working with the artists and we know their work will be a valued contribution to our buildings.”

Each commissioned artwork is awarded $9,000 and funded by the City of Tacoma’s 1 Percent for Art program that dedicates a portion of construction costs to artwork in publicly funded buildings. Construction has begun on all of the substations and the artwork will be completed by the end of 2006.