Load limits will soon be enforced on Puyallup River Bridge

Starting Nov. 2, there will be load limits for commercial and industrial trucks carrying heavy loads crossing the Eells Street Bridge, also known as the Puyallup River Bridge. The Eells Street Bridge crosses the Puyallup River connecting Eells Street at Portland Avenue to State Highway No. 1 in Fife and the tide flats.

The limits are being enforced after significant deterioration was detected during a recent structural inspection. Beginning Nov. 2, the following load limits will be in place and in effect until further notice.

— 18 tons (36,000 pounds) for triple-axel trucks
— 28 tons (56,000 pounds) for five-axel trucks
— 36 tons (72,000 pounds) for six-axel trucks

These load limits do not apply to either Pierce Transit or Tacoma Fire vehicles during emergency calls.

The City is currently designing a replacement for this section of the bridge and was recently awarded $10 million dollars in grants to help fund the replacement.

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