LeMay Car Museum hires corporate development director

LeMay Car Museum announced yesterday it has hired Dominic Dobson as Director of Corporate Development. Dobson has served on the Steering Committee for two years, and is founder of Motion Research Corporation, which developed the world’s first wireless, mobile head-mounted display systems used in both commercial and consumer sports applications.

Dobson was also a race car driver for 20 years, and competed in motor sports events in Sebring, LeMans, Daytona, and Indianapolis. Dobson also served as Vice President and General Manager for PacWest Racing Group, and has created and managed several race teams. He also served as the former President of Cavallino Holdings, Ltd, a world-class collection of historic automobiles, primarily European post-war racecars and rare road cars.

“Dominic brings his world-class automobile experience to America’s Car Museum, and can provide contacts around the world that will help us build the world’s foremost auto museum,” said Museum President & CEO, David Madeira. “We’re delighted to have him lead our Corporate Development efforts.”