LEGAL NOTICE-Ordinance No. 28750

LEGAL NOTICE-Ordinance No. 28750



Notice is hereby given that the Tacoma City Council, at its regular City Council meeting of Tuesday, June 8, 2021, passed the following ordinances. The summary of the contents of said ordinances, consisting of the title, are as follows: Ordinance No. 28750 An ordinance vacating a five foot wide strip of air rights over a westerly portion of Tacoma Avenue South, lying south of South 14th Street, to facilitate design options for a residential apartment building. (1402 Tacoma LLC; File No. 124.1422)

Ordinance No. 28757 An ordinance creating a new fund, to be known and designated as the “American Rescue Plan Fund”, for the dedication, segregation, and tracking of any funds received related to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Ordinance No. 28764 An ordinance amending the Biennial Operating Budget of the City for fiscal years 2021-2022 for recommended budget adjustments that were not identifiable before the approval of the 2021-2022 adopted budget.

Ordinance No. 28765 An ordinance amending the Capital Budget of the City for fiscal years 2021 2022 for recommended budget adjustments and Council approved capital projects with outstanding balances. Ordinance No. 28766 An ordinance amending Chapter 1.07 of the Municipal Code, relating to Equity in Contracting, to clarify language and the waiver process, and replace outdated language, regarding the equity and contracting program.

Ordinance No. 28767 An ordinance amending Chapter 3.12 of the Municipal Code, relating to fireworks, to reclassify the use of illegal fireworks from a Class 2 civil infraction to a Class 1 civil infraction, to promote public safety.

The full text of the above ordinances may be viewed online at the following website, or at the Tacoma Municipal Building North, 733 Market Street, Room 11. You may also request an electronic copy without charge, please contact the Tacoma City Clerk’s Office at (253) 591-5505. Doris Sorum, City Clerk IDX-929722

Published in the Tacoma Daily Index on Thursday, June 10, 2021.