LEGAL NOTICE-Ordinance No. 28675

LEGAL NOTICE-Ordinance No. 28675



Notice is hereby given that the Tacoma City Council, at its regular City Council meeting of Tuesday, April 20, 2021, passed the following ordinances. The summary of the contents of said ordinances, consisting of the title, are as follows: Ordinance No. 28675 An ordinance vacating a portion of the alleyway between South 67th and South 69th Streets, and South Adams Street and vacated Durango Street, to facilitate contiguous commercial development of three adjacent parcels.

Ordinance No. 28753 An ordinance reclassifying approximately 12,000 square feet of real property, located at 7904 Pacific Avenue, from an R-2 Single-Family Dwelling District to a C-1 General Neighborhood Commercial District, to allow for the construction of a 12-unit apartment building with parking and landscaping.

Ordinance No. 28755 An ordinance adopting additional findings; amending the declaration of emergency granted pursuant to Ordinance No. 28430, and amended by Ordinance Nos. 28457, 28477, 28565, 28637; declaring support of Pierce County and the Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness; directing the City Manager to ensure appropriate staff participate in Pierce County’s Ad Hoc Committee, in developing a countywide Comprehensive Plan to End Homelessness over the next six months; and declaring an emergency, and making necessary the passage of this ordinance, and it’s taking effect immediately.

The full text of the above ordinances may be viewed online at the following website, or at the Tacoma Municipal Building North, 733 Market Street, Room 11. You may also request an electronic copy without charge, please contact the Tacoma City Clerk’s Office at (253) 591-5505. Doris Sorum, City Clerk IDX-925358

Published in the Tacoma Daily Index on Thursday, April 22, 2021.