Kibo Eclipse Reviews (Aidan Booth Steve Clayton) Is It Worth Buying?

Kibo Eclipse is a digital marketing platform set to begin on January 19, 2022. The digital platform is available online through KiboEclipse.com. The company’s management sold online products worth $80 million in the last seven years. It stands the best chance to enable entrepreneurs to start a successful online business.

Therefore, it is essential to learn about Kibo Eclipse and create an account on the website. The article below provides an in-depth review of Kibo Eclipse and the operation procedure of the digital marketing company.

What is Kibo Eclipse?

As stated above, Kibo Eclipse is a new digital business platform that follows the core Kibo business model. By joining Kibo Eclipse, you will discover the best procedures to start a successful ecommerce business. Kibo makes it easy for online entrepreneurs to start an online business by providing them with a pre-built online store. The prebuilt feature comprises the necessary software and tools to maximize your online store for increased profits.

One main goal of Kibo Eclipse is to provide members with a profitable business regardless of their experience levels. It reduces the over-dependency on other online markets like Amazon and helps inventory management contact international suppliers.

Signing up for Kibo Eclipse enables you to acquire a high-quality domain name together with a preloaded online store. The online store has a handpicked selection of products with a high converting theme. One can also monitor the traffic on different products that increase profits.

What is Kibo Eclipse Model?

It is best to understand the Kibo Eclipse model to learn how the system works. The Kibo Eclipse model is easy to understand. It is one of the most highly predictable and profitable models created by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton.

This model is different from other business models since its implementation, and use is faster and easier. It does not require any previous experience in online marketing hence a good option for startups. The underlying basis behind this system is:

  • The system has a tool that helps to find a high-quality generic domain name
  • The system creates a unique store with an existing fast converting theme. The system only takes 60 seconds to do any conversion
  • Kibo Eclipse has in-built software that allows users to see profitable products to the business. Kibo Eclipse focuses on the business’s profitability, not the market or niche.
  • The digital platform does not require image or text creation and only uses product listings to load the website.
  • The platform uses inexpensive and underrated methods to send traffic directly to the listings
  • Most USA-based suppliers purchase the products on behalf of the clients during sales. Kibo Eclipse does not perform drop shipping on any product enabling it to deliver the products fast.

Generally, Kibo Eclipse optimizes the overall process, which involves maintaining the profitable products, removing non-profitable products, and scales up the process repeatedly to identify profitable products, enabling you to earn more profits.

How does Kibo Eclipse Work?

Kibo Eclipse follows the Kibo Eclipse business model. Once you create an account on the official website, you go through the following steps:

  • The team at Kibo Eclipse generates a high-quality generic name using a proprietary tool. The company makes the purchase of the domain name on your behalf.
  • The Kibo Eclipse team develops a unique and straightforward store with rapid converting and preloaded themes. The process is fast and takes a maximum of 60 seconds for the theme installation allowing you to enjoy a functional website instantly.
  • The team identifies the most profitable products on your list using software that scans through a database containing more than three million items. The system not only focuses on a specific niche but also checks on the profitability of each product. Highly profitable products are quickly added to your online store, increasing the chances of earning more profits.
  • The team at Kibo Eclipse fills your website using these profitable products. Using Kibo Eclipse does not require adding images or drafting sales copies. The team at Kibo Eclipse does all the tasks on your behalf.
  • The online marketing platform then directs traffic to your website. By increasing traffic to your products, one stands a high chance of making the first sale. The methods used to generate traffic remain the secret source to the success of the Kibo Eclipse model. It enables you to convert your online store to a more profitable and high-converting platform.

Most USA suppliers ship products to the customer once the client buys the product from an online store. However, neither Kibo Eclipse nor the seller contacts any inventory or purchases items upfront, limiting the process’s risks. Using Kibo Eclipse, the supplier ships the product to the client, making the process fast and satisfactory.

The main aim of Kibo Eclipse is to maximize your online store. The system keeps track of the most profitable products and allows the website to feature the products more than others.


Why choose Kibo Eclipse over other Digital Marketing Platforms

The worldwide network has several digital marketing platforms that offer similar services to Kibo Eclipse. However, how is Kibo Eclipse different from these other marketing platforms? What makes Kibo Eclipse more superior to all other versions?

Below are some of the main reasons why the Kibo Eclipse Digital marketing platform is unique from other conventional marketing platforms.

A history of successful business stories

The Kibo Eclipse team has many success stories from the past. During the 201 training session, users generated millions of dollars in sales. Clients’ reviews also indicate that Kibo Eclipse works and can enable anyone to develop a profitable ecommerce business with little or no experience.

According to different statistics, Kibo learners earn an average of $7000 per month by investing through Kibo online store.

The founders invested heavily to perfect the Kibo Software and platform

The founders of Kibo Eclipse have invested more than one million US dollars in optimizing the digital marketing platform. The optimization process involves including software and tools that allow users to take their businesses to the next level. Users of Kibo Eclipse have access to some of the most amazing tools that provide the chance to launch a successful online business.

Provides Users with New training

Most digital marketing platforms offer repeat training sessions. Kibo Eclipse takes a different approach, and the team has created a new training system in the last few months. The training system does not offer repeat sessions and offers new lessons. It enables it to equip new and better skills to thrive in online business.

Kibo Eclipse has invested a lot of time to create a better platform for users by incorporating tools and the latest technologies. The platform aims at providing users with the best possible experience for its members.

The Launch of Kibo Eclipse

Kibo Eclipse is undergoing its prelaunch stage until January 25, 2022. The prelaunch stage comprises three main phases between January 19 and 24, 2022. A breakdown of the prelaunch stages includes:

  • Prelaunch stage 1 released Wednesday, January 19
  • Prelaunch stage 2 released Friday, January 21
  • Prelaunch stage 3 released Sunday, January 23
  • The Master class Launch date is Monday, January 24

The grand opening of the Kibo Eclipse Launch Date will be on Tuesday, January 25

Prelaunch Stage 1 – the System

During the first part of the prelaunch stage, the whole team will provide new details explaining the whole system that follows a 3-step process to build a profitable ecommerce platform in 2022. The team will offer its users a book explaining how the system works. Users will have access to testimonials from previous users and proof that the system works, including other details on how to start an ecommerce business successfully.

Prelaunch stage 2 – the Blueprint

The second phase of the prelaunch will involve the launching of the Blueprint. The Blueprint consists of detailed infographics that explain how Kibo Eclipse works. It is a unique feature that explains how users can utilize the model to develop a profitable online store. The Blueprint explains the whole process visually to enable an easy understanding of the model.

Prelaunch Stage 3 – the Results

The third stage is the final phase of the prelaunch. At this stage, users gain access to success stories from previous users. People make thousands of money daily by using the Kibo Model. Therefore, no limitation stops you from making millions by using Kibo Eclipse as your digital marketing platform.

This stage will comprise numerous social proofs, testimonials, questions, and answers. One will also have access to sample products with the potential to generate profits every day.

Master Class Sessions – Early Bird Workshops

After completing the prelaunch stages, Kibo Eclipse will hold a series of Webinars on Monday, January 24. These sessions will involve providing detailed information on how the entire system operates. The workshops will occur at 11 am, 1 pm, 7 pm, and 9 pm. All users will get an email on how to attend the webinar sessions.

Kibo Eclipse Official Grand Opening

According to the developers, Kibo Eclipse will launch on January 25, 2022. The sales page will go live on this date, and the cart’s opening will occur. From this point, users can register with Kibo Eclipse, purchase access to the program and begin a successful ecommerce business.

How Much does it Cost?

Kibo Eclipse is an online-based training program for all ecommerce enthusiasts. It provides a lifetime training chance to equip users in creating a successful ecommerce business, and the complete training costs about $3,497 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unsatisfied clients can request a full refund within the first thirty days.

Compared to other training programs, Kibo eclipse is one of the cheapest programs that provide you with the correct information to start a successful online business.

Who is Behind the Successful Kibo Eclipse Platform?

The leaders of Kibo Eclipse are similar to the creators of the Kibo Code Quantum program, including Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Kibo Code Quantum enabled users to generate an average of $7000, and thereby the two decided to create an improved version known as Kibo Eclipse.

Kibo Eclipse is an entirely new training program that strengthens the links of previous programs and provides complete information about starting a profitable ecommerce store.

Aidan Booth is an experienced internet marketing and financial expert who spent most of his early years in New Zealand. In 2005, he created his first website, after which he hired a team of writers to develop new websites allowing him to launch new websites daily and capitalize on the trending market. Currently, Aidan runs a successful online marketing business together with his partner Steven Clayton.

Aidan and Clayton came together in the year 2013. The duo provides several online training sessions covering different marketing niches such as store development, consulting, and online small business marketing. Clayton was previously the chief financing officer of fortune-500 Company. He gained a lot of experience when working, which enabled him to start his own online business.

Businesses can now access Steve and Aidan’s expertise by registering on the Kibo Eclipse Platform. The two have proven experience and a reputation for developing a successful online business.

Final Verdict on Kibo Eclipse

Kibo Eclipse is a new digital marketing platform launched by Aidan and Steve Clayton. Users of the program will receive a pre-built website with several handpicked products that are profitable. The team buys and sets up the website on behalf of the users. In addition, it arranges suppliers, provides training, and provides members with all the necessary tools and software to ensure the success of your business on the online platform.

The marketing platform has a history of enabling members to make more than $7000 per month. Creating an account on Kibo Eclipse today allows you to learn how to start a successful online store and gives you the best chance to generate more income.

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