John L. Scott ranked fourth in national survey

John L. Scott Real Estate chairman and CEO, J. Lennox Scott, is proud to announce that John L. Scott has received the prestigious honor of being ranked the fourth largest regional real estate brand in the nation.
This ranking was issued by REAL Trends, a national real estate trade publication that publishes the annual “REAL Trends 500” report. The “REAL Trends 500” incorporates fifteen individual reports that rank the largest residential real estate firms in the nation, based on varying criteria.
This annual report is highly regarded throughout the national real estate industry and is considered the ranking standard by most companies.
The “Regional Real Estate Brand” report ranks regional real estate brokerages that are also franchisors, meaning that they have both company owned offices and franchised offices. John L. Scott has 38 company owned offices and 74 franchises that are independently owned.
The ranking is based upon total annual sales volumes. In 2001, John L. Scott reported over $8.2 billion in volume sales, placing the company fourth in the nation on the “Regional Real Estate Brand” report.
John L. Scott was also ranked by REAL Trends on another report as the twelfth largest broker in the United States. The “Top 500 Brokers” report ranks only company-owned offices, not franchisees.
On this report John L. Scott was the only company from the Pacific Northwest that placed in the top twenty.
Another ranking that John L. Scott is extremely proud of is the “Top 10 Firms By Productivity” report. This report lists the top ten real estate companies in the nation based on per-agent productivity.
Per agent productivity is determined by taking a company’s total sales volume divided by the total number of agents. This allows for companies of varying sizes to determine and compare how productive they are, which is what truly measures a company’s success.
John L. Scott ranked second in the nation on this list and was the only Pacific Northwest company listed.
John L. Scott Real Estate is based in Seattle and is lead by chairman and CEO, J. Lennox Scott. The company was founded in 1931 by Lennox’s grandfather, John L. Scott. The company has 112 offices located throughout Washington – including Tacoma, Oregon and Idaho, and it also has a marketing partnership with a company in Maui, Hawaii. In 2001, John L. Scott reported its most successful year in history, closing over 42,000 transactions and $8.2 billion in volume sales.