John L. Scott CEO receives Mercedes-Benz Community Service Award

John L. Scott Real Estate Chairman and CEO, J. Lennox Scott, was awarded with the Mercedes-Benz Community Service Award this past Sunday at the annual fund-raising banquet for the Merrill Lynch Golf Invitational on behalf of Children’s Hospital.

This is only the second time the community service award has been given, the first going to long-time Seattle community philanthropist, Phil Smart, Sr., who also presented Scott with the award.

Smart praised Scott and the John L. Scott Foundation for helping to improve the lives of children through the support of Children’s Hospitals throughout the Pacific Northwest.

A tribute was also made on Scott’s behalf by former Merrill Lynch First Vice President and Chairman of the Merrill Lynch Invitational Charlie Weaver.
Weaver explained that Scott comes from a legacy of community givers which started with his philanthropic grandfather, John L. Scott, who taught Lennox and his father, W. Lennox Scott, the value of giving back.

Growing up Scott was very active in the Boy Scouts, which continued into adulthood and earned Scott the highly prestigious Distinguished Eagle Scout award, and later the Silver Beaver Award, which is the top honor that a Boy Scout council can bestow on a volunteer.

Scott has also donated a great deal of time and money to organizations such as the Northwest AIDS Foundation, Washington Wildlife Recreation Coalition, Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County, and the Eastside Performing Arts Center.

Lennox is also extremely active in the National Association of REALTORS, donating time, money, and expertise to programs that aim to improve communities and quality of life through homeownership.

In 1997 Scott founded the John L. Scott Foundation in honor of his grandfather’s lifelong commitment to community service.

The John L. Scott Foundation’s mission is dedicated to ensuring that all children have access to quality medical care.

With voluntary contributions of time and money from John L. Scott sales associates and staff members, the John L. Scott Foundation helps raise millions of dollars for 14 Children’s Hospitals throughout the Pacific Northwest.

John L. Scott Real Estate – with offices in Washington, Oregon and Idaho – is the fifth largest regional real estate company in the nation.