Internal realignment at the Port of Tacoma

As the Port of Tacoma continues to grow, expand terminal capacity and reach its business goals, the organization is realigning internally to better focus on the needs of customers, market to prospective customers and plan future development.

Two key changes in the port’s organizational structure took effect Monday:

– Creation of the Container Terminal Businesses Department to handle the individual needs of both international and domestic container carriers; and

– Merger of the Port Relations Department with the Marketing and Trade Department to create the Marketing and Public Relations Department.

“Growth in the port’s business translates into success for our customers and jobs for our community,” said Timothy J. Farrell, the port’s acting executive director. “The changes we are making in our organization focus on customer needs and jobs.”

Container Terminal Businesses Department
Brendan Dugan becomes Senior Director of Container Terminal Businesses and is responsible for the port’s International Carriers Line of Business, which accounts for 38 percent of port revenue. The group includes the Domestic Carriers Line of Business, which accounts for about one-third of the port’s overall container volume. Leading this important segment of the port’s business is Ed Engelhardt, director of Container Terminal Businesses.

Patti King becomes manager of Container Terminal Services for the Container Terminal Businesses Department.

Marketing and Public Relations Department
As senior director of Marketing and Public Relations, Rod Koon – the port’s long-time director of Port Relations – manages the newly formed 17-person Marketing and Public Relations Department, providing marketing and research services to the port’s seven lines of business as well as port-wide public relations, planning, communications and media relations.

Working in the new Marketing and Public Relations Department and based in Tokyo, Akira Tatara takes on additional responsibilities as director, Asia, managing the port’s regional representatives in Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Vladivostok, Russia.

Mike Wasem assumes additional responsibilities as manager of Communications and Media Relations.

Sharon Glassy takes on additional responsibilities as administrative assistant to the Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

Other Port Staff Changes
Susan Becklund transitions from the Marketing and Trade Department to the port-operated Terminals Line of Business as Director of Operational Services.

Evette Mason moves from the Port Relations Department to the Economic Development and Government Affairs Department as manager of Community Relations.