Historic Tacoma accepting nominations for historic properties 'Watch List'

Are you concerned about the fate of a historic property in Tacoma? Historic Tacoma is accepting nominations to its “Watch List,” which currently includes First Congregational Church; Brewery District; Elks Lodge; John R. Rogers Elementary; Murray Morgan Bridge; Old City Hall; Sixth Avenue Baptist Church; University-Union Club; and Hoyt Elementary School.

The list, created in 2008, aims to bring architecturally, culturally and historically significant sites to the attention of Tacoma citizens. Some are in danger because they are proposed for demolition, suffering deterioration due to neglect, or subject to potential redevelopment which could destroy their significant features.

Historic Tacoma’s goal in publishing this evolving list is to increase awareness of historic properties in transition to facilitate conservation and re-use.

To nominate a property, send the following information to Historic Tacoma: property information (name and address); nominator’s contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail; this information can be kept confidential upon request); a one-page description of the building, including its current use, condition, historic significance and why you think the property is endangered (give specific impending threats. Is there anything currently being done to save the property? If so, what?); a minimum of three clear digital images of the project (at least one must show the full building or site); and any additional information (property owner’s contact information; build dates; architect(s) names if a single building; broker contact information and sale price if building is for sale).

Nominations must be e-mailed to info@historictacoma.org by midnight on Fri., May 18. For more information, visit http://www.historictacoma.org and http://www.historictacoma.org/ht/watch_list/ .

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