Gregoire turns to Web for budget suggestions

Gov. Chris Gregoire Monday announced the launch of an interactive Web site that allows citizens to share, comment and vote on budget ideas. The most highly rated ideas by viewers will rise to the top of the list and be considered by budget writers. The Web site is one tool the governor is using to develop the state’s 2011–13 spending plan. Ideas will be posted between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The site will be moderated so that profane or vulgar postings will not be accepted.

Earlier this summer, the governor announced her plan for addressing the budget through a number of steps, including the formation of a committee of leaders from across the state to serve as an advisory and sounding board.

In addition, she is layering a series of eight questions on top of the budget system known as Priorities of Government, or POG, to identify the most essential state services, whether they are being delivered in the most effective and cost-efficient way, and whether the state or another entity should provide the service.

The public is invited to share ideas at .