Gov. Gregoire responds to budget ideas posted online

Gov. Chris Gregoire Thursday began posting video responses to the most popular budget suggestions offered recently on her budget ideas Web site.

“As I said when we unveiled this Web site, I want staff at the Office of Financial Management as well as members of the executive budget panel to review each and every idea,” Gregoire said. “I’ve been taking a look at them as well, and want those who have participated to know that we’re taking those ideas seriously.”

Visitors of the Web site submitted nearly 2,000 ideas, posted nearly 5,600 comments and cast 137,000 votes to weigh in on the suggestions.

Gregoire’s responses can be found on the state’s YouTube channel at , as well as on the governor’s Facebook page at . Responses will be posted periodically.

The Office of Financial Management will also begin providing written comments to many of the suggestions receiving the most votes. The feedback will be shared on the governor’s budget Web page at .

Facing a $3 billion deficit for the 2011-2013 biennium, Gregoire has initiated a process to transform Washington’s budget — which included soliciting ideas from Washingtonians. Along with the interactive Web site, more than 1,200 citizens attended a series of public hearings around the state to learn more about the budget process and share input and individual strategies.

Although the interactive Web site is now closed, the public can still share their ideas for transforming the budget through the governor’s Web site at .