Giant cranes set to arrive at Port of Tacoma

Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. (ZPMC), a leading manufacturer of cranes and large steel structures, will deliver four giant, fully assembled container cranes to the Port of Tacoma later today. A fifth crane will follow in October. The cranes are shipped across the Pacific in specially designed ships.

The Port of Tacoma is completing the largest construction project in its history – a new mega terminal to be leased Evergreen Marine; cranes are an integral part of the operation.

The fully assembled cranes are actually welded to the vessel and the ship ballast system allows for negotiation of heavy seas.

These first four cranes will be delivered to Pierce County Terminal, the new home of Evergreen Lines in Tacoma. The cranes are a part of Evergreen’s investment in the new Terminal.

When opened in January, the 171-acre Pierce County Terminal will be among the largest on the West Coast. The terminal is designed for expansion to 237 acres, making it the largest container terminal north of Los Angeles. At 209 feet in height (at apex), the cranes will be the tallest in Puget Sound. With the boom down, the cranes have 209-feet (23-container) outreach – enough to span the largest post-Panamax vessels (ships too wide for the Panama Canal).

These cranes will also feature the highest horsepower of any container crane in the Puget Sound. The electric motors generate 1,340 horsepower on the main hoist. The next largest container crane in Tacoma is 880 horsepower. With the greater lifting power comes greater efficiency. The hoist speed of the new cranes is 295 feet per minute with a container; 590 feet per minute without a container.