Fuzhou Ting earns Tacoma Sister Cities Council arts and culture award

The Tacoma Sister Cities Council has won Sister Cities International’s 2011 Innovation: Arts & Culture Award for a city with population between 100,001 and 500,000. The innovation awards recognize the accomplishments of outstanding community and individual sister city programs that promote peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation.

Tacoma Sister Cities Council won the award for “The Fuzhou Ting in the Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park” project. The park is a memorial dedicated to a painful time in Tacoma’s history, and the expulsion of its Chinese citizens in 1885. This particular project is a unique art and cultural exchange between Tacoma and sister city Fuzhou, China and aims to support Tacoma’s reconciliation efforts.

The “Fuzhou Ting” is a Chinese pavilion donated by Fuzhou to aid reconciliation efforts, enhance the motifs of the Park as well as signify the long lasting relationship between the two cities. Tacoma Sister Cities Council worked with the City of Tacoma and Fuzhou, the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation, a number of schools, colleges and landscaping consultants to successfully build the project. A delegation of construction advisors from Fuzhou also contributed to the Ting.

The Sister Cities International Annual Awards are awarded in several categories. Award winners will be honored at a special luncheon ceremony on July 14, during the Sister Cities International 56th Annual Conference in Jacksonville, Fla.

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