Fund-raising success for Tacoma playing card project

14 Tacoma artists, 52 Tacoma locations, and 2 jokers was the winning hand for local company Tacoma Makes to raise over $20,000 in contributions for the creation of an original deck of cards celebrating Tacoma and Tacoma artists.

Using the online crowd source funding website, the project’s goal was to raise $13,000 in order to cover the initial investment of artist fees and printing costs. This goal was reached in six days, thanks to the overwhelming support of the Tacoma community. Kickstarter projects allow for contributions in return for rewards at various levels. The $20 contribution, which will be the retail cost for a deck of cards, has over 170 backers (out of 376 backers total).

“The deck will be sold in retail establishments in Tacoma with a suggested retail of $20, so pre-purchasing through Kickstarter is a great way to reserve your deck and Tacoma Makes will cover the sales tax,” said co-founder Maija McKnight.

Having raised more than the initial goal for the project, the company plans to increase the print run from 2,500 to 5,000 decks of cards, start planning for a second deck of cards, and will be coordinating several fall events to celebrate the arrival of the Tacoma playing cards.

The original artwork will be on display throughout the month of October at Amocat Cafe, located at 625 Saint Helens Avenue, and coincide with a opening reception and launch party on Fri., Oct. 26. Backers will be able to pick-up their rewards (cards, posters, proofs) as well as have the opportunity to purchase the original works of art and meet the artists. Game night at Kings Books, located at 218 Saint Helens Avenue, on Thurs., Nov. 8 will invite you play card games including go-fish, hearts, poker and more. The Tacoma playing cards will be provided and participants will be playing for various prizes throughout the night.

The artwork that will illustrate the card faces will be finalized by the end of the month and submitted to the United States Playing Card Company for printing and delivery in eight weeks time. The artwork as it is received from the artists will be posted on the Tacoma Makes Web site, as well as distributed through Facebook and Twitter accounts. The artists are as varied as the locations depicted and include Art Chantry, Audra Layman, Brian Hutcheson, Britton Sukys, Chandler O’Leary, Chris Sharp, Elise Richman, Jessica Spring, Kristin Giordano, Lance Kagey, Meghan Mitchell, Otto Youngers, R. R. Anderson, Shaun Peterson. The back of the card, box and rank/suit is hand illustrated by Chandler O’Leary.

More information is online here.

A local company raised over $20,000 online for the creation of an original deck of playing cards celebrating Tacoma and Tacoma artists.