Free WiFi at Tacoma Art Museum

Tacoma Art Museum announced yesterday it now provides free Internet (WiFi) access, allowing museum visitors to access the Internet from the museum’s public spaces. Those spaces include Untitled Cafe, the Murray Family Event Space, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Art Resource Center, and the outdoor balcony. By becoming a WiFi Hotspot, Tacoma Art Museum has created a new means of integrating art and technology for community use.

“We hope that this new service will make the museum even more accessible to people and will serve as just one more reason to spend time here with us,” said Tacoma Art Museum Director Stephanie Stebich.

Anyone with a wireless-enabled laptop or other device can access the free high-speed broadband Internet provided by the museum. When connecting to the network, users should look for “TAMWIFI.” There is no password or any further set-up required once “TAMWIFI” has been located and accessed. The museum’s WiFi supports all standard Internet security protocols, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Virtual Private Network (VPN), and Internet Protocol Security (IPSEC), to ensure safe usage.

Visitors are responsible for providing power for their devices, as well as cables, drivers, and all other aspects of support. The museum will not provide extra storage, security for personal electronic devices, or any technical assistance.

Wireless accessibility is also a new feature available to groups and organizations that host events and programs at Tacoma Art Museum. Guidelines for group usage are available online at .