Facing $1.9M shortfall, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Dept. adds furlough days

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department will be closed for five additional days in 2011 as part of an agency-wide strategy to address a budget shortfall for this year. During the closures staff will be on leave without pay. The Department reached an agreement with its unions in January that was approved by the Board of Health yesterday on the following five closure dates: Fri., Feb. 18; Fri., April 1; Fri., May 27; Fri., Aug. 5; and Fri., Oct. 7. Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department is facing a $1.9 million shortfall due to continual increasing costs, decreasing revenues and shrinking reserves. In addition to program reductions, these furlough days will help preserve essential services and the Department’s ongoing ability to meet financial obligations.