E-business Day Coming to Tacoma August 24th

“E-business day is the most recent event in America’s #1 Wired City to recognize the rapidly growing high technology sector in our city. For those citizens yearning to learn more about Tacoma’s wired businesses, the first annual E-business Day will be held on August 24 and proclaimed by Mayor Brian Ebersole and the Tacoma City Council. A community wide high-tech open house and an awards banquet recognizing the top ten high-tech firms in Tacoma will showcase local innovations and provide the public with an opportunity to interact with local high-tech companies.The founder of this event is Jamie Chase, ContractQuest Public Relations Director.The community needs an opportunity to learn about our company and technology in Tacoma, Chase said. High-tech led economic development is improving the quality of life for everyone in the #1 Wired City. This event is an opportunity for high-tech businesses to reach the community and for the community to interact with high-tech businesses. The goal of this event is to inform the community of its expanding high-tech sector and to acknowledge the efforts of the high-tech firms that are both playing an active role in Tacoma’s high-tech led prosperity, and that have reached high expectations and aspirations in their contribution to the community. I encourage the entire community to participate in the E-business day festivities, whether you are plugged in to the high-tech sector or not because in the growing high-tech world; knowledge is definitely power.The criteria for the top ten high-tech business awards are as follows:Is the company actively involved in helping to identify Tacoma as a technology destination? Does the company contribute to the climate of innovation in Tacoma?What are the past, present and future achievements of the company? Is the company exemplary in its business dealings? Does the company contribute to the benefits of its industry and to the larger Tacoma-Pierce County community?Nomination forms will be available at the Tacoma Daily Index website and the Technology Consortium on July 19th at 3:30p.m. on the 16th floor of the Wells Fargo Building. Please mail entries to: Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, attention: Paul Ellis, P.O. Box 1993, Tacoma, WA 98401-1993.To participate in the open house activities contact event founder Jamie Chase at (253) 573-1030 or Jchase@contractquest.com.Sara Fielding is a marketing and PR specialist for Entertainlinks.com.”